Thursday, March 8, 2018

Honoring Women Today........Some of my females.

  Spring is about to be sprung.  Here it comes.  Female Family that has impressed me during my life.

  Obviously my Mother Inez Mae Hoffman Jones dcd.  She was an interesting woman and cared for many people.  She had a heart but at times hid it from view. She lost babies and had 4 living children.  I was always worried she would pass before we grew up because of medical history for her.  She lived for almost 93 years so that was not a worry. She taught us or tried to : cook, sew, bake, milk cows, pull weeds, make a garden, can fruit and vegetables, meat and herbs. She could see a dress in the store and go home sketch it,  cut it out and make it with out modern patterns.  She could draw by hand some of the prettiest pansy pictures ever. I hope I still have one in the trunk. She also knit, crocheted but never could master tatting *which her mother did so well.
She taught 4-H classes and later in life worked at the Tomales High School Cafeteria. I remember she always voted. It was important to my parents to be active in making our country a great country.

 2nd was my Mother in Law, Louise Jipp Pentico.  She was a very warm caring person and had met many struggles and either conquered them or gracefully set them aside. She lived on a farm in Iowa until they sold and came to be near us in southern CA.  She had,  like my Mom run a tractor and plow and worked both indoor and out.  She carried hot water from the stove to the basement in a bucket to wash clothes. Fortunately I was able to convince the powers that be that they put hot water in their house. Because she never complained she did it.  Dad  was stunned and didn't even think of the risks  she  took doing this.  She  taught me things my Mom did not.  They were both so great.

3rd mmmmm It would be my Aunt Etta, Dad's sister and Aunt Bethel her baby sister. Both helped to keep me on track with life and living. They both always kept in touch and helped me over many maturing humps in my life.  I thank God for that every day.

4th  Aunt Ruth Mom's baby sister just a few years older than I.  I lived with them as a teen during summers and babysat and when I first moved away from home to find a job.  That was in Oregon and in Sunnyvale, CA as a young adult. Luckily I was able to keep in touch with her throughout life always.  Her life was hard after the major accident and was a reason I was with them to help her to get around as they did surgeries.

5th. Great Aunt's on both Dad and Mom's side.  They shared so much about my parents lives and how they lived and what they thought I could do to help my parents to succeed.

6th.  Aunt Doris Hoffman, my much beloved Uncle Dick's wife that I was able to learn and share times with after I was married and kept in touch with. They just did 72 years of marriage first of the week. He is a World War 11 Vet. He jumped from airplanes.

 7th  Aunt Jenny Senft Jones, my Uncles wife, who was my stand in behind any and all troubles like her sister in law's were. I have been so blessed with the family members we have.

8th.  My other Aunts, Great Aunts, & Great Grandmother whom I wrote to for several years before her death.

9th  Many of my female cousins were very close and alas are gone.  I was lucky to know 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins in the family. We wrote letters and shared when visiting.

I think of Wilda and Maxine, Linda F, Jeannie Scott,  Betty Hampton, and so many others that all gave me thoughts to ponder as life moved through.

My Grandmothers's taught me to think twice before speaking especially Mom's.  Dad's said to always keep trying and going forward.  Her life I suspect was very hard due to many reasons, some of her own direct choosing. She shared much with me in later life while  living with us. My husband and children, learned a lot about life from her.

Sis, I could not forget,  Roberta was an young sister and when small we had so much fun and shared so much. After I started High School and she was in Jr HI school things were hard.  Then I moved away and maybe to soon for her but I went back. Today we get along great and are so glad we have each other to share things. We shared maternity clothes and our husbands were sailor mates.  At least stationed at the same place for a couple of times.  Her children were an extension of ours.

My two sister in laws also are often thought of because with out them I would not have the awesome nieces and nephews that we have.  It takes both parents to make such great family members.  Roberta Jones Thanks I love those boys, Peggy Jones Feil thanks I love your children also.

My two sister in laws, Mary Nelson and Shirley Majors. Shirley's dau's Linda and Janelle.

Now we address our daughters: Candy Ann and Billijo and daughter in laws, Peggy, Heather and Elizabeth.   The mother of Dan, Cindy she gave us our first grandchild. Thank You Cindy. Debra mother of Andrew, Thank You.  Elizabeth form Willkie and Kevin & being able to pull that family together as a family and keep it whole.  Peggy for our three grandchildren, Nate, Hannah and Alicia.

Candy whom gave us two grandsons Joseph and Stephan and 2 ggrandchildren. Thank You
BilliJo whom gave us a grandson that reminds us how life can be so fragile.  Thank You.

The raising of our children helped us to mature, to appreciate life and remember to give thanks and move forward.

It takes all of these things to make up whom we are.
It seems that I have always tried to take something away from each person I have been in contact with and filed it for remembrance.

How I wish I had gotten some more personal knowledge from  some of our female ancestresses.
Queen Margareth of Scotland, Rahamanha, Pocahontas. Some of the females that migrated on the Mayflower, also Mrs Christopher JONES Jr and others.
Some time I will write about the males.

Our background is varied and comes with many strong willed and courageous women.

I have one Great Aunt still alive wife of a Great Uncle deceased. Her line is from Hickock,  so I was told.

Susan Carol Jones Pentico 8 March 2018

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