Friday, March 23, 2018

Cecil Leroy Hoffman Data. Grandad I love you still.

 Having just opened up Grandad's keepsake album that Mom gave me, I found things I forgot
were in it.

 A report card from 1898, he had excellent grades.
Several notes from his teacher in school. Some regarding his writing while out of school, some regarding coming to visit his teacher with his brother Bob and sister Gracie. I suspect it was summer break.  She asked him to have Gracie write her also in one note.

Everything is so fragile.

Many little Rememberance cards from I suspect Sunday School classes.  1 letter so faded I could not read it well. 2 letters that talk about contacting the teacher and doing as she had requested.

I found a heart cut out of paper and a red thread through the  top center in the papers. I found homemade what I would call Valentine Cards, Xmas Cards, Greeting Cards or notes to him from  another teacher. The one valentine cut out and with red thread may have been given him by Grandma.  I wish when MOM got this from him she had labeled what and who.  There is no writing on the heart and it's like school writing paper and red thread.

The delicate notes have a picture taken from something, ( maybe a magazine, pasted to paper picture on back and delicate very delicate lace inserted around the edges of the square or rectangular notes.
Just pictures no writing on most of them.

Will have to rewrite the story of their marriage. It was quite an event. I did not see a copy of that from Mom but Grandad told the story so many times I have never forgotten it. With his blue eyes twinkling and a smile that was so expressive, he related the event to myself, Richard and Hartley.

Over the years it was repeated and the last time he told me was 1958 when I saw him for the last time.  He died in 1962. Wheatland, Wyo.   Grandma died before him in 1961.

I will try to get them filmed and present them for family to see soon.

Still have to rescue the painting of Grandma that was put out where it was weather damaged. Grandad paid to have the portrait made of her. He really liked it and she was always hiding it.

The letters all were written in Moravia, IA or near there. Other names were mentioned one said they were an Aunt and it was a name I had never heard before.

Cecil Leroy Hoffman,  my Dad said most called him Dutch or Lee.
b 9 May 1891 Moravia, IA
m 29 May 1912 Appanoose, IA
d 24 Oct 1962  Wheatland, Platte Co. Wyo.

Inez Mae Scott
born  6 Oct 1892 Taylor Township, IA
d 14 Nov. 1961 Wheatland, Platte Co. Wyo.

Buried in Wheatland Cemetery.

Some papers say Leroy Cecil Hoffman some the reverse.

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