Sunday, March 18, 2018

St Patrick's Day Thoughts

 Randy asked us to comment on St. Patrick's Day so I will.  Wondering what my younger siblings remember.

First, Randy Seaver you just told us your percentage of Irish.  The amount does not matter it is the having it that does..

 Irish is like Indian, what ever portion you have, you have.  Accept and go with it.  It can be fun.  

Mom's family had lots of Irish backgrounds in the family.  We almost always had Corn beef and cabbage, either at home or a relatives or friends place.

There was a pastry MOM  would get from the bakery sometimes to share, if the event was at our home.  I recall it being like a strudel.  
We often had green jello with fruit inside for dessert,  with whipping cream on top.  

Wear the green or get pinched and man that could hurt.  Since I wore a uniform for many years we would take green construction paper, make a shamrock and 
pin it on our uniform.  You just did not want it to come off or ouch.

Sometimes the girls would wear green ribbon in their hair.  Yes even the boys wore the shamrock on uniform sweater.  In High School, it took a lot of  ingenuity  for the boys 
to stay wearing something green.  Our uniforms were white blouse, shirt, navy blue sweater for both, and grey/black slacks  boys or grey pleated uniform skirt for girls.

Prior to the grey skirt we had a navy blue jumper we wore over the white blouse with navy blue sweater.  Boys did not change.

We always had Mass and learned information about St. Patrick and Ireland. We also at school,

So  if it fell on a school day had green coated sugar cookies and milk at break

A Catholic school near us had Green in their uniform they never had our troubles with wearing green. 

Dad and Mom played Irish songs on the record player and we all learned to sing many of those songs.  Of course our radio station played lots of Irish music back in that day.
"Danny Boy"'  was Mom's favorite. I do not know why but she loved that song. 

I like lots of Irish music and songs,  it seems we sang those songs for a month before and ever so often through out the year when a special event came about with family members
in the area.

Thanks for the memories your comment brought forward.

So what are your family memories of this sorta Holiday?

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