Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Enjoyed 2018 Style

  Father's Day was enjoyed by my husband, our children's Father.  Those who lived near that could come and share food and companionship arrived after Church events etc.   Son away called and chatted.  I called him back after giving his Dad his gift.  It brought about that impish grin he gets.

The grandson did the BBQue of Burgers and Dogs, he also furnished them.  Candy made Potato Salad and upside down pineapple cake for Dad for the week. Bj furnished chips, Pork and Beans and other items needed.  Ed brought a Coconut Cream pie which is both his and Dad's favorite.  Peggy supplied chips and her special dip, which Alicia absolutely loves, also an very interesting Salsa that Mary couldn't stay out of. : > ) Bob came to eat while he is remodeling a home for a friend near us.

Alan called us also and shared time with his Dad. He is recovering from Sinus and an Busy Busy week. Was great to hear his voice.

Steve and Clementine, brought Grandad a picture of the two Great Grands and himself. The picture frame was done by Clementine. The picture was posted on Facebook earlier.

The hummingbirds if they ever return in force got another new feeder sure hope we see more than the one soon.

Going to hang one in front tree. If we can keep the cats out of the bird nest and tree.

Cats need kept at home. Having presented him with more books to read, Mr. Patterson and Janet Evanovich, we trust he had a great day. He is still smiling.

In three weeks we will be married 59 years.  Yes, DAD it did last.  Love and Miss you too.

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