Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Inez Mae Scott Hoffman, Surprise, Surprise


   Having just looked at Grandma's Mtdna data on line for the first time in a while, I have a surprise for you Grandma.  Your Indian is showing.

    Grandad Hoffman would just love to hear that and so what my Uncle Gerald O Jones.

     The stories they told of your love for the Indians makes this all to priceless to let it slip by.

     Your Scotch and Irish shows but some very interesting other lineages show up also.

      Calling your son in the morning and sharing this data. I do not think he has looked at it for a      while.

       Great Grandad Franklin Hoffman is laughing in his mirth over this I am sure.

       To think the picture book could not be brought into the home because it had a picture of an Indian in it.  My, my. my.   Mom was I ever surprised to see that some of my conjecture for her
(Grandma's) feelings seems to have been accurate.

       Yes Mom, you were correct, your Irish-Scotch, German, Indian etc heritage would play havoc with your moods on various days.

         I suspect Bulah Beal has since learned much the same since I located a link to their family tree long before our Mom passed but Mrs. Beal had.  Fred Beal and I worked on it, her son.

         Interesting the conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan helped me to bring to light things that we just took for granted but never thought to look at in real world.

         People on the east coast tend to be closer to the home grounds and dig differently than those of us that are so far away we have to find a common ground and build up to go back to the beginning.

         Why would I remember this, well in Grand Rapids there are two city blocks that are near identical to, two city blocks in Petaluma, CA.  Those houses are identical.  I had to go around the block again to see if mind playing tricks on me.

         Did they move from Grand Rapids to Petaluma,? use the same architect?  Has anyone ever notice the buildings the same in two different places before.  O yes, barns were copied we know that but large homes. I just have never seen that before.

          But by going east, having seen it and being exposed to different ways to look at research was a real eye opener. It makes Land Records even more important but also Architectural  designs a note to ponder.

          Let alone those hidden blood lines that are  popping up to my delight and Grandad's.
Sorry Grandma but I do still love you.  It just established more Indian heritage for me.

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