Wednesday, June 6, 2018

More Jones Blathering, but found good data.

As you may know my trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan came with a few twists.   We had a great time and even walked across the Grand River to President Gerald Fords' Museum. Listened to singers and toured the Museum.

Amazed as to how seeing things of that time frame brought back genealogical things that had not been thought of.

Attended various talks that were felt would help our members with some of their troubles. Talked to various vendors and gave a few cousins some hugs.  We get to meet ever so many years it seems.

Meet a couple of Facebook friends and shared information. Missed many cousins that were there but did not ever cross their path. Tis okay maybe a next time they will cross paths. Did locate one new member to the family.

Later due to ailment of son I stayed longer and on a good weekend with sons to watch their Dad, daughter in law and I went to Ft. Wayne to the Library.

Having located the data I needed for four years was very excited. DIL found data on her Alexanders and was thrilled.  

If you have Alexander from Maryland, Virginia to North Carolina to Georgia and on westward please contact Liz or I.    She is stuck on Adam Alexander of NC to Georgia.  Only about five listed  : > )

She also has Allen and Moody to add to this mix.

The books I needed did divulge  some data on Teague Jones and other family members.

Brought back about 20 pages on various members of the family: Jones,
Berry, Hamilton, Allen, for starts.  Also found data on Foulk /Follk for PA and Lee for VA.

O yes some on Richard Higgin's also ie Higgen's.

More to follow when I get caught up. email is still causing fits so bear with me.     Liz is

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