Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Pots that are being Stirred.

Wow, gathering it is time to see  how the pots are being stirred in our trees of names and places.

Having received several emails on the JONES line(NE), it is very fascinating to read.  Then the mail box fills with HOFFMAN information.  We just did a bit of PLANTS information.  Helen stirred and found some very interesting FRY/FRYE information.

Having to read through all this,  hoping something jumps out at me that helps me resolve some conflicting issues.

As stated at the Greene Co. Facebook site.  I like to ask the same question to several kin of a specific individual because we always get a variant a bit different than another person.  Some remember more information some less but almost always they recall something previously not mentioned.

Love doing Time Lines for that very reason.

Pictures bring back memories and help eradicate myths.

Our trip through the President Ford museum triggered many thoughts that had not been brought up or broached in the family regarding information on our trees.

We have had information come on Mass, Rhode Island, New York, Iowa and Ill for JONES
 Then the skies opened up with data on PLANT's, then HOFFMAN's that cover: Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania early..  Mentions of Germany as origins.  But remembering Germany was not a state until late 1880's or about then. It has to be a ? Germanic region or another term.

Also learned that Europeans do not always have the struggles we do if the Church records were properly kept.  Sounds like some of our Southern friends that dig in Mexico and that region. If records are kept they can learn a lot quickly if not they dig like the rest of us.

In the early years of record keeping the CHURCH  kept all those records faith or religion was not the problem they were the record keepers.

One distant cousin in today Germany said in a town in Poland (old Prussia) the three Churches had all the data they were looking for in each region they were researching.

If war hit that area you may or may not get what you are hoping for, but generally you garner a lot you may not expect.

Helen found a group of letters written by deceased cousins we never got on the web page when she got ill so we are hoping to get that data that was confirmed put up on line. I need to locate all the old records we had that verified our data for the site.  Some were on hard drive that died many are in Avon boxes with lots of other names and papers.

I just find it hard to work in the sticky heat with paper and think clearly.

My Sweet Cousin and I are thinking of putting up a page on Facebook for a specific name. Still mulling over the work involved.

With no Refrigerator and Ice it really gets hard to think.83 degrees and humidity the same again. Sky looks like rain but it probably won't happen this close to coast. Mountains Alpine area got some earlier today. But then they almost burnt to ground the other day too. Fireman saved bulk of the town.

If you have information on these above lines, add to our  pot and we will keep stirring to see who else may bring information to verify stories and events.

Share your data please. It helps everyone.

NE is New England.

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