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Franklin Marion Hoffman Greene Co. PA--- IA

*Franklin Marion HOFFMAN b 26 June 1860 Greene Co. PA
   Father Sanford Hoffman  24 Nov 1834 Greene Co. PA  Civil War Vet. proven
   Mother Rachel Plants(z)   25 Oct 1836  Greene Co. PA

      *Grandfather Henry b  29 Oct 1803 Greene Co. PA  d 15 Sept 1879 Aleppo, Greene Co. PA
      Grandmother  Elizabeth Higgins  b 16 May 1809 Greene Co. PA  d 3 Feb 1877 Aleppo, PA.

      **His Grandfather has data under Hoffman/Huffman.  His Great Grandfather is same for name.
           *** GG Henry Huffman/Hoffman  b abt 1740 d 1812. Had previous wife. REV WAR Vet.
                  GG Catrouch Fry/e  abt 1770 VA  d abt 1845 Greene Co. PA ?

Henry b 1803 moved the name to Hoffman after the children going to school learned there was no HUFFMAN in Germany at that time.  The name has moved back and forth many times thanks probably due the brogue when speaking in early times. I have copy of letter with the data of his changing it. He also was tired of walking all over to deliver male to the other family members named the same. (chuckling)

Franklin being the oldest child, ( his older  sis died as infant) herded the cattle behind the wagon when they came west he was about 13-4 years of age.  His younger brother helped and he also had a dog to help him.  The younger children herded the hens and other animals. (in his letter)

Wish I had more letters to learn more of their trip west to Iowa. No idea whom in family got the other letters except Margery Little in Chico, CA whom lived in Oakland CA after coming from Iowa west.
She has lots of information I was so hoping to get back into learning more with her information.
I would love to find her brother and her nephews that were from Chico, Ca area. 2 nephews were CA Highway Patrol. Her brother was a large farm owner in Chico.CA.   Did not find data in Moms' files but I missed a box when we cleared it went the other way and suspect much data needed was in that box.  So any of you retired CHP that knew the Little boys, give them a shout out. Or any of you Chico, Ca residents that new Mr. Little or his sis, Margery I would love to hear from you.

***Henry was born abt 1740 in Maryland/VA as near as I can learn.
His brother swapped a gun for land with him.  He had to be 18 to accept the land. Using date on Deed he could not have been born later.
Henry sold that land in 1805 in Greene Co. PA . Same land gotten from brother George.
Deed states George, Henry and John were brothers of this place Greene Co. PA.

Their  parent was a Johann HOFFMAN .  Our now deceased cousin was working this line and
for some reason when she died. Daughter never forwarded her work or shared the data we both worked on for so long.  There was a group of us and we split up the research and shared.
4 eyes are better than 2 and 8 eyes were even better. When Shared  : > )

I have much more data on these lines and their not spoken of siblings we were able to flush out.
Rudolph Huffman was related, we think he was a brother, otherwise a cousin.  That line has the same genetic marks ours do.  I hope the disc the cousin sent (now dcd) will still be openable.  He was WW2 Vet.

   Now about GGrandfather Franklin. I heard he was referred to as Frank.  My Mother, Dorothy Inez Hoffman loved this man very much. She shared many events she shared with him.  Being small setting on his lap and combing his beard. So soft and pretty she said. He was a BrickLayer with a business, Moravia, IA. Moved to Wheatland, Wyoming.  After her death he moved west.  She was young enough to set on his lap when he went to WYO.  She was expecting me when he died so could not make trip to IOWA for funeral. 1940.

Many of his siblings had gone to NE, WYO and some stayed in Moravia, IA. They're yet today they are.  His father became a Traveling Minister and farmer.  His mother loved canaries.  Coal mine back ground in her line and a canary was important to have in  house to know the air was safe to breathe.
His mother was a hat maker and taught the trade to the girls. She never allowed bartering or trade on the Sabbath.  She loved to garden and help her family.  Some of this comes from notes from Violet Hampton's letters to me. Oliena's daughter. Frank's niece.

Some also came from the Scott side of family that my Grandfather Cecil (his son) married into. Lots of inter marriages. They lost several children and had living Robert and Grace and Grandad Cecil L.

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