Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Something to Ponder at This Season's Time

  Something to Ponder at This Season's Time
   Susi Jones Pentico

  Today our Genealogical Society had it's Christmas Event.. There was fun and food and lots of good cheer.  We missed many but were glad to see the new faces too.

  A topic we shared today should be shared.   Everyone was to share a Memory of one of their Favorite Christmas's.

   Thinking it is a good time to do some reflections like we shared today.  Going to share the story I shared with them.

   At the end of the War, we had Christmas and it was more than a stocking with an Orange, Apple and a couple of Walnuts in the stocking.  That is what I remembered from previous Christmas's.

 Dad worked on a Dairy/Chicken Ranch this year we had moved from the Dairy Ranch of his Sisters' family. Those workers were coming back from the war and was to get their jobs back.

I remember going into town with Aunt, Mom and her children also to see Santa Claus at Tomasini's Hardware.  My sister was very young and she saw this doll and she so wanted it. It had brown hair like hers.  Chuckling it was almost as big as her.

When Christmas came my sister got her doll, the surprise was Dad got one for me also with blonde hair. My Aunt and Mom made us clothes for our dolls.  Other relatives whom lived far away in WYO made the doll's bedding and DAD made the beds.  It was a joint family adventure.  I named mine Jeanie. I can not remember what Sis called hers.

 Having given mine away long ago with the doll clothes and bed to someone else to have a Christmas.  After I was married and had boy children I parted with it.

Having gotten my last doll from Dad the year I graduated. 1958.  Sears had these dolls on sale, Sis wanted.  Asked Dad why a Doll, he said, "It would probably be the last doll he gave me." IT was,
again no idea if Sis still has hers. Yes I kept this one. She was a Ballerina and bent and moved and twisted etc. Long blonde hair.  Sis again her's was brown. Dad loved to shop Christmas Eve, he said he always got the best bargains then.  Unless there was something special which was gotten before gone I suspect.

So if you are of the WAR generation or even later for Korea or Vietnam, those times generally Christmas's were different.

Can you pick out a couple of special Christmas Seasons to share with your family?  Reflection is good for the soul.

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