Monday, December 16, 2019

Ring a Ling, Ding a Ling, Ding Dong Ding JONES KIN

 Greetings Everyone,

  As I started to put together the holiday cheer, I discovered more information buried here.

  Wondering what it is going to take, to clear the mistakes.

  It is with excitement that I find many new links to our tree,

  Hoping they are as happy as we.

  Having blank spaces, creates many faces,

  Did they die in Albany, or was it Dutchess you plea?

  Did they survive the ride into Albany then to Rensselaer  Co. you see?

  There is no records it so seems.

  Blanks in our tree within the first five Generations are to be:

  Susan Madison/Mattison's parents where are ye?
  24 Mar 1818  b in Vermont, depending on the boundary changes

 Were her parents John Richardson Madison/Mattison and Roxanna Howard?
  1789- 1851 for him  Data came from a Documented tree.

 It says they are buried in Lapeer Co., Michigan

Is Horatio Madison/ Mattison the brother that was implied?

She is the first of four Susannah's or Susanna's  with only Susannah Sweet with known parents.

Silas Jones Sr and Susannah Sweet.  Her death is a mystery?  Was death in Dutchess, or Rensselaer Co? Or even Albany since that is where Rensselaer came from

John William ? another I answer: Pg. 162 describes the Mail. "There was no post office established in the Beekman Patent until after the turn of the century but mail was received at Fishkill and in Poughkeepsie at the printers. The NEW YORK PACKET and AMERICAN ADVERTISER noted that the following had mail unclaimed at the Fishkill Post Office as of March 1783:
Silas Jones and Robert Macy, both of Quaker Hill."

Volume VII Family Names:...See More

Jones, Daniel 354, DAvid, 763, Elias 444, Ephraim 64, 441, Isaac 410, 454, 653,
Jeremiah 193, John 303, Jonathan , 192, Josiah 257, Mary 110 Mr. 753, Nathan 454, Nehemiah 441, 
Rufus 454, Samuel 13, 441, Seth 452, Silas 162, Theophilus  184, Thomas 442, 530,   Walter 110,
Henry Z Jr 193.
Frank J. Doherty's books? I see that there is a volume on the JONES line in Beekman. 

Lots of lose ends there. I saw it June 2018. 

Next comes Ruscomb Jones, Silas and Susannah's  2nd son, whom married a Susannah  UKN b 1779 Dutchess Co..Ny
Their son Noel b about 1785 near Albany marries a Susannah  WHO?? UKN
He puts their son in the records in his hand so we know it must be true with her name.

Noyes b 1809 in records, 1808 on tombstone, their son marries Susan Madison/Mattison.

Noyes had 8 children: Calvin Fay (mine) CW Vet<  had Carl Fremont whom had Ray Dee Jones Sr whom had I.

Six generations farther back all documented. Thoroughly.Including the 7th.

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