Friday, July 31, 2009

Eastern Europe Lost Connections

Somewhere out there in Polish land is some distant ancestors of my husbands clan.
We know they were from the areas around POSEN Poland. About 7 small towns that are
around looking for one with a castle or moat that the ancestor fell from and DIed.
He was repairing something on the castle wall at time of death. His wife and children came to
USA with other family members after his death. The children were raised in IOWA.
Some came around 1850 some as late as 1860 or so.
Some names we have searched for are DENZEIN, NANKE, NEUMANN, and so many more.

Now if you wander west and north of there you will find your self in what is today Schleswig -Holstein and
more of the family came from here. JIPP< JEPP< SCHMIDT, and more again to find.

We know it was Denmark then changed to S-H region of what later became Germanic territory.
Since GErmany was not a state until after they came to America. We have contacted one very
distant Jepp/Jipp kin and have since lost touch with her after bad winter a couple years ago.

The furniture restorer in S-H town is a replica of my husbands GGrandfather. His picture is on his place of
business in the small town of which he lives but he will not respond to us. His restoration of antique furniture is awesome.

GLUCH is in this mix also.

Mary has most of the paper work so going from Memory.

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