Thursday, July 30, 2009

Irish Dreaming

O to Dream of Ireland

Dream, dream, dream, Listen to the waves slap against the shore.

Listen to the cycle wheels turn along the path to the shore.

Shifting in the sand and watching the ships at sea,

Ireland or Ireland what are we to see.

The mountains and the rills, the streams and the sea.

The people and the animals and the friendliness they be.

The taverns and the lanterns and the food that they eat.

Some of our Ancestors brought to us meet.

The sun and the fog and the rain and the cold,

The smiles, the tears, the happiness that flows.

They are a warm people way down underneath.

Where o where are my kin hiding from me.

There is some MORROW and TUTTLE and some

SCOTT for me to see.

Susi Pentico

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