Friday, July 10, 2009

Genealogical History

July 5, 1959 my husband and I joined in marriage. July 5, 2009 we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. My parents did the same in 1988 in Sonoma Co, CA. They married in Wheatland, Wyo. My grandparents on Dad's side did not make 15 years. My Grandparents on Mom's side made 48 years. Calvin and Hannah JONES made 42 years. His parents did 49 years, Noyes and Susan Madison JONES.
All my siblings have changed spouses over the years. Wonder if any of our children will make 50 years? Mom was here to see us make 50 years. She just turned 89 years young.

So a bit of genealogical history to share. Anyone else as kin that has made the 50 mark. What about our friends?

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