Saturday, July 25, 2009

Genealogy in the Veins

Genealogy in the Veins.

We were chatting the other day and up came an old thought of mine regarding linage's and family and friends. Some day I want to be able to take the time and track out the lines of our friends. I have a suspect feeling that most of our close friends were actually close friends to family in the days of old or even related to them.

I have by accident found that some of our friends are actually related by links back in the early 1800's or late 1700's so it started my gears to grinding and my heart to pounding. I just have not had the time to start such a project but was wondering if anyone else had, run across this implication of events?

I also found links between my family and my husband's family back in time. I have a dear friend that is related to my husband and her husband is related to me. Wonder what the YDNA or MTDNA would show? Probably nothing.

My sister in law and I learned that her family and my Mom's family are linked also. She had photo she could not identify but we had photo that was labeled. Same photo in two peoples, probably more, possession.

It seems we listen closer and are always amazed at the comparing that we do in regards to places and events and family traits.

Do we watch for the things we observe in our family in others families? Do we ask where they acquired that thought or
language usage? In one of our family lines a few phrases have been passed down for at least five generations.

I used to think that was strange but the more people I talk to, the more people have that type of situation transpiring.

Regions, generally have specific sayings that are heard dominate in that area. When you meet someone away from that area, you begin wondering where that saying generated from.

Having visited relatives in Pennsylvania, I learned some of the sayings my Grandfather said, Mom said and we learned actually were from where Grandad's Grandparents came from. There are generally specific words or terms used that give you clues.

I chuckled over the Creek Creek comment, one is CRICK and the other is CREEK. It will remind you of Tomatoe and tomaato.
Another word that is changed via region is Soda or Pop. I can think of many descriptive words used in PA that we have always used in my family and since we have much relation that came from this region ( Pennsylvania) I can now understand why we
probably did not loose the words or sayings or thoughts. My Dad's MOM's family is from Pennsylvania also so the words were ingrained on both sides of family.

When I visited Pennsylvania, many thought my family had only recently moved away from there and that was not the case the move was made about 1870 or 1850 for Moms or for Dad's MOMs family. We just never muddied the waters with changes.

So I thought I would ask you other genealogy buffs what your family has kept and retained or if you had never even noticed the similarities or changes?

Have you ever wondered about your friends actually being distant kin?

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  1. My mother always referred to the sofa as a davenport. She also said, "Use thy gumption!" Her maternal grandmother came from Erie County, Pennsylvania.