Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No Tombstones on this Tuesday

This has been my week of wonder. No tombstones to share, though my cousin lost her husband in Kansas. It was a sudden and sad loss for us all. Carolyn my heart and prayers go out to you.

Grandson D had knee surgery finally after more than two (I think years of attempting to have it done). His injury was after mine but before they discovered mine was in need of surgery. Can not believe the company made him suffer this long. Very painful condition and surgery takes time to recover, been there done that.

Sis, Mary came back to visit also this week past. Arriving on Friday night due to the accident in the valley with a Greyhound buss all travel was delayed due to major inspections of the bus. Hurray she arrived safe even if several hours late.

My birthday past this last week and daughter bought me this delicious double chocolate cake to share with everyone. Chocolate mouse filling too.

Grandson J and his school mates came to visit and attend COMIC-CON, wow what fun we had. We rode the trolley and we went by car and we did a lot of walking to take in the event. This is the event I share with him each year, or at least attempt to. :>)
I ended up with very tender feet by the fourth day. Yes the first thing I did was buy my tickets for us for next year. Now to secure a ticket for my daughter, my goof.

Younger grandson Z was gifted with a signed picture of Chewbacca, from Star Wars, ending up with tears in many peoples eyes
and a very grateful grandson. The actor has no idea how much that picture and autograph meant to our grandson.

Grandsons W and K, had results from their fair. K took many prizes with his bunnies and W did the same with his chickens. I think K took best of show for his bunnies. They also made great money at the 4-H auction to move forward for next year.

Family from all over called or left a Happy Birthday on Facebook or email for me to see.

Thanks to all whom sent me Birthday Blessing Wishes, it sure seems we need them.

Grandson J hopes he passed his mid term today.

Grandson S is hoping to spend some time this weekend with us. He called me two days in a row and it made my heart sing.

Granddaughter to be called and talked almost an hour with me which also made my heart sing.

Mom called to. As did my other children and family members.

Seminar meeting covered lots of ground and that was a large relief.

Hubby had last day of back therapy and says he is better.

I did a Genealogy talk in Lemon Grove on Wednesday.

Prepared my talk for Chula Vista Genealogy Society this Wednesday 28 July 2010

What a week and that is not all just part of it.

Then the computer has decided to give me fits again so by Friday it will go back to whence it came last to see why again it is not working correctly.

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