Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday's Medical Genealogy Presentation

The Chula Vista Genealogy Society presented a talk by myself, Susi Pentico to the community at the Bonita County Library, at
4375 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA today from 1 to 3 p m .

The topic covered the diseases that can be tracked, somewhat tracked,also being dominate maladies of today.

It showed how you can learn and where you can learn to get the information, that you may need to do this.

It should have given hope to those that are mired in the mud trying to find a clue to move forward.

Remember you should always reach out to your collateral family lines for information. Sometimes the more distant the lines the more willing to share they may be.

I related a story that happened in 1993 for my family search regarding genetics and diseases. (Funky fingers and Toes)

Being blessed with a Great Great Uncle becoming a Doctor at the end of the Civil War, to assist his siblings to recover from
the damages of the war to their bodies. He was able to determine that Heart Disease was obviously a serious matter for our
family. Having lost his Grandfather and a younger brother only 28, later his father and other members of the family from this
malady. My Grandfather was aware as was his father that this was a serious thing to pay attention to. My Great Great Grandfather died from appendicitis so we have no idea if he would have or not, but his son did and my Grandfather did.

We were blessed with letters written by my Great Great Great Grandfather describing his son's death at age 31 (1871). He obviously was standing next to him at death. It was stated that Great Great Great Grand fathers's Dad died of same because he clutched his chest and past away., 1811-2 . Will probated Jan 1812. So we can be assured that it was in the family genes for the pre disposition to have heart troubles.

I have had my Dr ask me of my medical history which probably saved me from serious harm some years back by doing preventative medicine and change my diet and lifestyle.

We have the power to change some of the outcome of these diseases. We can not always stop them or cure them but we can
modify the intensity of damage by being heads up and aware.

I used most of my personal experience for the information but have discussed it in depth with various medical professional's
over the years.

Allergies. Cancer, Diabetes, Renal Diseases, Alzheimer's and Heart trouble were the topic of the day. Gathering information
from the San Diego Union Tribune, medical journals, personal documents and experiences were used to show the guests what we can attempt to do, to prevent our children, grandchildren and ourselves from major heart ache.

The information was shared for over an hour with many interesting questions and comments by the guests.

We also discussed STRESS in it's relationship to these diseases.
We talked about Agent Orange and the damage it has caused, but only very briefly.
We mentioned problems that were prevalent to Omaha Beach, Normandy Beach and the African campaign. No war comes with out major damages to our selves.

It is hoped that the genetics that were shown would motivate those to find their genetic traits and track more family.
I can say I have had a really interesting time learning some of my families, over the years. One set of traits( Funky Fingers and Toes) we can track back to the 1730s but genealogical records. We had children from all the lines from those ancestors meet and share the same genetics with each other. Many were aware that the family had this genetic situation others were not. A cousin felt she missed the ability to tease siblings about being different when young. Yes, that comment came from a 83 year old cousin complaining to her younger brother and sister she could have given them as much teasing as they gave her.
We ended up with a house full of cousins that could track back to the 1730 birth time zone.

So when doing research do not forget to ask about the medical history and you may help yourself, your children and grandchildren from suffering as much as we do today. You also may find a relative you were not expecting to due to
the genetics that you share.

It is like DNA pre DNA time line. Any one check cowlicks to see if they are genetic? I have been asked that so many times and I do not have the answer. The Funky Fingers and toes I do have answers for. The Shovel teeth, the ridge in back of the head,
and other traits that certain people carry are all clues in this giant puzzle.

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