Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sentimental on Sunday of School Friends of Old

Since we are to be sentimental today I want to share I just got word in again from an old school acquaintance.

It is so good to hear from old school acquaintances and friends, It makes us remember some real neat things of days
long past.

It also saddens the heart to hear of shape some of us have been resorted to.

It comes on a day of a Grandson thinking of marriage and the world ahead and the sky is so bright filled with hope.

When you look back on that day in our world, we could not hear the drums beating and the voices calling to slow
down and enjoy what you have before it is gone.

Then Mom reached 90 years of age and she asked, " do we really have longevity in the family?" I had looked this up
prior to her birthday to see what the past would tell us. Yes, we have long and short lives to live.

I have been fortunate in keeping a couple of life long (at least I think of them in that term) friends. One I have known
since 3rd grade and the other since I was 13. One of our classmates died in a fire in 1967 in Louisiana saving another
person's life. Actually she had already rescued three people. I still have the Obit. Carolyn I still love you. To much smoke
got into her lungs.

We lost some classmates right after graduation due to an accident complicated by speed and alcohol. It seemed to
be the thing of the time for many.

Many families that lived near my home still live near my MOM's home so we have known them for 60 + years.
They are somewhat an extension of the core. It was one of these I found in Burbank this year. As she brought me
up to speed on her family, I could remember some of the class mates hopes and dreams.


I wonder what puts us in homes for care at such an early age. Many of my classmates have lost much younger siblings
something I was not expecting to hear either.

Is this the normal of our society today? Are the younger ones more disabled and damaged than ours are? From a class of
32 to a class of 28 at graduation we are dwindling faster than people in the ten years ahead of us. They are hanging on and
make a go of it. The generation ten years younger is going faster than batting an eye for some reason.

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