Monday, July 5, 2010

Sentimental Sunday moved to 51st Anniversary Monday

Whoopee, yuppers, yes ma'am and hello Sir,

We have made 51 years as of 4 p m today. Who would have thought we could survive?
It was a matter of one day at a time, one hug after another, one smile of forgiveness,

It was not keeping major secrets from each other.
It was not spending major money with out consulting each other.
It was lots of prayers, lots of cares, loves of love and appreciation for each other.

Communication was a major key, of course we hid little surprises from each other but
never a major situation,

We lost a house purchase because I did not act with out checking with him but did it matter,
No what matters is that we always checked with each other and consulted each other.

O yes, we did surprise each other once in a while. Like I gave him a Trip to IOWA.
He gave me a couple of trips to home.

Did we do without, you bet we did, Did it hurt us absolutely not.

Today is built of want it yesterday, needed it last night and I do not have it yet today.

Yet it does not help you to move forward in the world of love and compassion and
respect. It does not help you to understand your mates needs, wants or desires.

Do you really know what your mates wants, needs and desires are or do they know yours?
Having money and fancy things and going places and doing things is not the answer to the puzzle.

It is sharing, caring, praying and listening to each other. I mean Listen not just hear words.
Do you know what they want by the little hints that are given in daily life?

We are so blessed to have a great relationship and that God has blessed our family and children.

May those struggling think about the real, needs of life and happiness and maybe redirect your course to
have a long prosperous, caring, loving relationship with your spouse and then your family.

It was set out for us if we follow it. Husband, I so love you and thank you for all that we have shared.


  1. Congratulations! 51 years is a great milestone!

  2. WOW that is beautiful. It is often said men are simple, women are complicated. I believe that ---as long as a man has his simple needs met and no surprises (big money spent etc.) and you remember to put them first ----they do rather well. And smart men at some point STOP trying to keep up with busy women but allow them enough space to fill their lives as much as they wish. Fred is one of the good guys, CONGRATULATIONS!!! if you have a good husband YOU ARE RICH!!!