Wednesday, January 19, 2011

48 Hours until the time has Arrived

In approximately 48 hours we will hold a Celebration of Life of Life in honor of Mom (Dorothy Inez Hoffman JONES) daughter of Cecil Lee and Inez Mae Scott Hoffman.  She was born in Wyoming, her older siblings were born in Iowa, her younger, born in Wyoming like herself.

Granddad had breathing troubles in Iowa and Duvall cousins on his Mom's side offered for him to go to Wyoming in a different climate for his health. About a year of going back and forth he was able to move the family to the Wheatland, Slater Flats, Little Bear, Goshen etc area.  I gather they moved a bit until he
started to homestead.

Mom told us many many tales, over a period of time I will attempt to share some of them with you.
I always loved the one where Aunt Marie splashed into the dishpan of dishes when Grandma was giving birth to a little brother. I think you will love that one.

I have one that shows how she got her get up and go from a sister taunting her when she fell off a wagon tongue.  Another of my favorites.

I am as ready as I can get, I feel right now except a good nights sleep may be nice. That I have not done but once since the end came.

For a woman whom was told in 1980 she had approximately five years to live I think she did very well.
She made almost 30 more years and all of them active but the last thirty days, her knees hurt bad and they put her to bed.  But she could lift her self up clean off the bed with her arms and the trapeze the nurses said she was one resilient lady.

She joked and quipped all the way up to the end.

I gave her permission to do what she always said she was going to do to Dad when she caught up to him.

I wonder if that will ever really happen.  That is another story.

So a little prayer for strength and guidance at this time for us all would be awesomely appreciated.

To all those who sent condolences via email and Facebook. We thank you.

Patty thanks for the visit today, now that was a really nice surprise.

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