Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrating Life

 Life's Celebration's

 How do we Celebrate Life?  Do we do it daily, hourly or by the minute.
I thank God every morning for being able to get up and function and for the family to be safe.

Family, what is a family?  Is it just your husband and children?  Can it be your siblings?  Is it the all encompassed members close and extended that affect your ability to function and survive?

Can Family be a non genetic member?  Genetics is YDna and MTdna it is a study of body for the future preservation of not having a disease passed on or go unnoticed, in my mind.

Family is my sister in laws, past and present, my son in law and any one, whom is very special to me.
A divorce only brings the separation of the spouses some times friendly sometimes not, sometimes later mended.  They are still family to me.

Family is: my husband, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, nephews and all the grands included.
Family is my Aunt's and Uncle's and Great Aunt's and cousins, close or far in relationship or distance.
Family as  I see it is by: bond, blood or marriage. We are all children of God and we are in this family all together.

 Maybe I care to much but I do care. I so wanted to visit with a family member this last week but it was not made to be.

I am so grateful for all those whom I was able to share words with, and hugs and laughter and sometimes even tears.

Life marches on so fast, it is gone before we hardly get started.

Can your mind wrap around and grasp the potential of living 200 years? Can you perceive the
relationships that would be created and enjoyed?

As a genealogy person, it would sure slow the charts down a bit.

I have met much family that has lived either a century or near century in time mark. As my deceased Uncle said, he went from no planes to a man on the moon and beyond.  Do you think those elders in
1910 would have dreamt this could happen?

So Celebrating Life is living it to the best you can as you go and remember to help carry someone who was special to you into the future to share their tidbits of thoughts to the future generations.

Celebrate Life Daily and Love with your Heart and Soul.


  1. Nicely done!

    Having lived now many years away from most family members I have learned there's lots more to family than blood relations. If you are separated from family and don't "catch on" to this concept the days, months and years can be very long.

    I consider myself blessed by the blog and Facebook postings of many folks I consider "family."

  2. I am glad to read that you are celebrating life. Everyone in your family is blessed to be cared for by you. Blessed are the relatives of a family genealogist for they should be remembered!