Friday, January 14, 2011

Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones is Remembered

Our mother, Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones left this world to join her husband Ray Dee Jones Sr., Monday morning just before dawn. 10 January 2011 Sonoma County, California.

She has fought a long battle with her body and her wishes.  She wanted her knees to work better and also wanted to go be with Dad.  She kept her witt about her to the last. When I shared with her that we are going to be Great grandparents in the spring she said, "I beat you I already am one."  Her smile was big and her eyes were dancing then she asked for the particulars.,

Mom was born 29 June 1920 at Little Bear,Wyoming  the daughter of Cecil Lee Hoffman and Inez Mae Scott. She was the 4th born in the family. Her family came from Appanoose, Iowa and before that from Aleppo, Greene Co. Pennsylvania; Berkeley, Va and from Maryland on her father's side. Her mother's side was from Appanoose, Iowa from Illinois (briefly) and from Cumberland Co. Ky from Pittsylvania Co., Virginia and previously Halifax Co.,Virginia. 

Mom met Dad when she was not quite 16, processing tomatoes from the garden by the bushels to can for the family. Dad had been helping her father work the water ditches (canals) for the farms crops. Over a period of time they started dating, later down the years they married. 



  1. Hi Susi,

    You don't know me at all, and I first looked at your blog tonight, but I wanted to say how sorry I am about the loss of your mother. I know how hard this must be for you, since I lost my own mother 4 years ago. I also couldn't help but notice that our family backgrounds are rather similar.

    I found your blog when I took a break from searching for my own Jones ancestors - I've done little else for the past year, almost 24/7. The way I took that break was to look for anything new on another one of my ancestors, James Fuller of Linton Hundred, Washington Co., MD. James Fuller's grandson, Nathan Fuller (son of Alexander), was my great-great grandfather on my mother's side. Nathan Fuller's wife, Hester Ann Starts, was the great-great-great grandughter of a William Jones who died in Loudoun Co., Virginia in 1771 - and he has been the subject of my research for the past year. I actually set out to find the ancestors of my William Jones when I took a break from researching James Fuller, so I've come full circle in just a year.

    My maternal grandmother (a Fuller) was from Mahaska Co., Iowa. Her parents were from Peoria Co., Illinois. Before that many had been in Coshochton and Guernsey Counties in Ohio, some coming straight from Pennsylvania but others, including my Jones ancestors, arriving after a couple of generation's stay in Loudoun Co., Virginia.

    Although I haven't yet seen your connection with James Fuller, I suspect that we might be related. And my family, apparently like you, ended up in Southern California.

    I am not at all sure, but one of my grandmother's sisters, still living in Iowa, may be one of the oldest Fullers still alive - she turned 102 in late December. But my mother wasn't so fortunate - she was 82 when she passed away.

    Maybe we can compare notes at some happier time. But, again, I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

    Craig Englund

    1. Craig Englund, I would love to meet with you. We share ancestors, sorry I was so tied up with Mom then very ill son life just sorta zipped by, playing catchup. 619 623 5250
      Fuller we link and who knows how many more.

  2. Beautiful tribute to your mother. Genealogy never sleeps, how sweet you meet a new cousin at this time. I pray your parents rest in peace until they rejoice at their reunion!