Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Day Closer - One Day At A Time

 Tuesday has arrived with sun and clear skies after a Full Moon night. It was weird the bedroom was finally dark at 4:45 this morning.  What a night to see the stars, constellations and the sky, it was.

Everything is wilting in the heat, so will need to find a water can soon.  The hummingbirds flit around and the crazy little birds we feed are having a feast. It is so neat to see a Finch,  a Bluejay, and all those other little ones that chase each other, startle each other and eat together. I think there is much to be learned from watching nature.

A dear friend sent me a beautiful plant, not sure I ever told her that was one I really like. I have some that are more favorites than others.  This is so stately and blooming white and green blooms.  I thank her very, very much.

As of right now all our children are back on California soil.  Wish all the family was too.

Therapy really helped my neck and back and shoulder this morning.  I will be glad when it back to where we had it before injury. Suspecting entire family will be happier and I can go back to normal doing with out questions then.

Found another cousin yesterday, entered census data into data base. Located information that we can all use for the Eastman line. Seems a cousin sent me data that is not same as mine way back and now to go back and reverify data to see why.

My heart goes to my cousin who is about to bury his wife.  It has been a long month it seems starting in December with the loss of cousin (James) then. Then Mom went to stay with Dad, nah she told me she was going to go kick his but for leaving her behind.  Her wit never left her. Now Don has become a widow and that is no fun, though her suffering is done.

I never realized my Great Grandmother was the only girl in her family.  It may somehow explain some things that came about during her life.

I have added many names to the EASTMAN file.


  1. I'm happy to see you posting. Many sad days are now past. There's new family information to record. And, people to contact so that notes can be compared. Life goes on.

  2. Sparky, Please contact me back at SusiCP@cox.net. Your message disappeared we are cousins many ways.
    Dick thanks for the comments. I am aware of cycles and hope the next group is more cheerful but this should not be sad. We should be celebrating the return to the fold of those who have gone before us.
    We humans tend to be fickle. Hugs to you.

  3. Beautiful post. Take care. And take one day at a time. One day at a time with your loss and one day at a time with your physical recovery. Be gentle with Susi, she has been through a lot lately.