Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blessed Thanksgiving One and All

 Tis the time to  remember Thanksgiving.
 Some of my relatives and friends have started a posting of what they are thankful for each day.
 That sure is a positive way to start one's day.

 We need to remind ourselves, sure things may not be great but we are in so much better place than
 most of the world.  We have for the most part, food, clothing and a place to sleep.

 We should be thankful for  the ability to exchange dialogue with one another without recrimination.
 We need to be thankful for the type of government we have had and we can have again.
  It truly is We the People.  Never meant to be We the Government, somewhere, some lost the way.

  So family and friends and acquaintances, and people I have yet to meet, do have a joyous, sharing, caring
  day with your family and friends.  Reach out to a Veteran or serviceman who could use a meal and share.

   Be so thankful for what we are about to receive.   We will be missing some of our family but we are
   thankful for those families. Our prayers to our kin overseas.  Prayers for our world that a time will come
   and we will have peace and harmony.

   Enjoy the day.   We could all  be more Thankful.


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