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Matrilineal Monday - Inez Mae Scott

My Grandmother Inez Mae Scott was born in Taylor Township, Iowa on 6 Oct 1892.  She married our Grandfather on 29 March 1912 in Moravia, IA.  Grandad went to Wyoming to try the climate there due to breathing troubles. So for a few years she was raising children alone.
Climate was better for Cecil Lee Hoffman so they moved to the area near Wheatland, Wyo.

Her mother was Ella Warden, she was born June 1862 in Iowa.   Her name was Ellen on many documents and census references.  She was the mother of many children. She married Cornelius Franklin Scott.
She had a rough life raising her children and there was some unhappiness there.

Ella's  mother was Mary J Langdon. 25 Feb 1852 in Guernsey Co. OH she married Daniel Warden.  She was born in 1835 in Ohio and her death was 20 Dec 1868 in Iowa.  Her life was short and he remarried but had no more children. WE think J stands for Jane.  She had several children close together.

Artaminta Brammer was Mary J's mother. She was born in Virginia around 1797. She dies in Marshall, KS .She marries Joseph Langdon of Montgomery Co. Va, 13 Mar 1823 OHIO,

Source for marriage, marriage Index Books 1-3  H-M  April 1817  July 1843 Lawrence Co OH
Langdon, Joseph   Brammer, Artametta pg 54
Joseph dies in St. Joseph, MO 24 Mar 1863.  I have five children shown. 

Mary Ann LEE is her mother she is born in Leesley Valley VA 1770 appr.  Her death was 1844 Windsor Township, Lawrence Co.

Ohio.  I have records of two children but  I am sure they are more. She marries Edmund BRAMMER of Buckingham Co. VA b 1767  death 12 Sept. 1822 Union Township, Lawrence Co. OH.

Francis WARD is Mary Ann Lee's mother. Francis Ward m John Lee 4 Dec 1769.

Online there are many with a farther back lineage of this Lee line but I have not verified it yet at this time.

So Surnames you run through are: SCOTT originating in Halifax Co. VA, WARDEN from Pennsylvania, LANGDON which was from Virginia, BRAMMER  from Virginia,  LEE from Virginia (not proven which family),  &  WARD in Virginia.

SURNAMES from  myself to Grandma:  JONES mine and HOFFMAN  mother's.
HOFFMAN/HUFFMAN is interchanged in family for many years.

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