Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday-NOT, JONES Will's of Allegany Co. NY

JONES, CATHARINE                  ALMOND                       NY-2-5-165
JONES, CHESTER D.                 WIRT                         NY-2-7-104
JONES, DANIEL                     ALFRED                       NY-2-6-456
JONES, EMMA                       WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-73
JONES, GEMILA N.                  WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-430
JONES, GEORGE S.                  AMITY                        NY-2-10-204
JONES, HENRY L.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-15-82
JONES, HIRAM L.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-14-207
JONES, IRA W.                     ALFRED                       NY-2-16-858
JONES, JAMES T.                   BURNS                        NY-2-5-45
JONES, JOHN L.                    CENTERVILLE                  NY-2-10-54
JONES, LEWIS                      WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-8-44
JONES, NOEL                       INDEPENDENCE                 NY-2-4-195
JONES, ZENAS H.                   WELLSVILLE                   NY-2-10-491
JORDAN, ANDREW J.                 WIRT                         NY-2-9-389
Does Anyone out there have a copy of any of these Wills?
I have a copy of NOEL JONES  of Independence 
Trying to determine whom was Noel JONES parent and other relationships in area.
I have already found at least four other collateral families that relate to the 
JONES line.

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