Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Thankful Thursday--- Silas JONES Sr family in NY from RI

Jones Hollow Cemetery   recorded by Lorraine Esh sent to Stacy Daniels sent to me.

Jones Hollow Cemetery, Petersburg, NY
Somewhere I have another list given by another researcher.

Jones,  Abel  d. July, 1835 in his 93rd yr.
            Ruth,   wife of Abel d. March 20, 1800 in her 47th yr 
Jones,  Allie L. d. 1861 age 1 yr 3 mo. Child or Hannah and Burton  
Jones,  Arthur H. d. 1882, age 9 yrs, son of Hiram and Hannah Hewitt Jones
Jones,  Clover  d. Jan 23, 1913
            Ella L.  d. 1827, wife of Clover A.
Jones,  Daniel S, d. 1897 age 67 yr
Jones,  Hiram S. d. Mar 13,1883 age 47 yrs
Jones,  Thomas A. d. Sept 20,1883 age 58
            Hakes, Electa L. d. 1876, age 41 wife of Thomas A. Jones
Jones,  Jessie Bell d. age 12 days, dau of T.A. and E. L.  Jones
Jones,  Timothy d. Oct 4, 1850 age 70
Jones,   Walter C. d. 1878 age 3 months son of Arthur C. and Ella Jones

The following  markers, not Jones

Doty, Walter J. d Mar 12, 1835 age 35 yrs

Doty, Lucinda, d. Aug 17,1887 wife of E.E. Doty

Hendrick, Alirussed d. 1858 age 26 yrs.
[I also have a listing of other Jones interred in the same cemetery from SLD]  Thanks Stacy  

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  1. Susi ; which of these people are related to your father?