Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It Seems Friends do become Family Do you find that true?

I received and email this morning from a friend of many years standing. Totally not ready for what I learned.  
You see, I have often wondered if the reason people become friends is because they are truly distantly related family kin. It seems bonds are formed and understanding is grasped with little stress and concern.
I keep saying if I was wealthy I would have the lines all checked to see how they fit into the master family tree.  Today again gave the impression more would than would not.
I read the email and the names that were mentioned in it and suddenly was staring at a massive four way potential kin ship with them.  Of course, that is not hard because those four lines married into each other.
Then a cousin on my Dad's side pops up and is laughing about my LEE situation.  She, her last name is Lee and I never even realized it for some crazy reason. It is like looking at it and not seeing it. OR tracking to many names over to many years. Even more intriguing her maiden name was WARD.

I did this on the train to Burbank with three people.  Three more at Burbank. No I am not a name collector, but a puzzle pieces collector to get a clean, concise answer.  I have met many interesting kin as I wander down this road. I have truly met many interesting people throughout this life journey.

To share a tidbit this is something that happened to my lineage line. My daughter had a child with her fiance' many years ago. He then fiance', was adopted but his adopted mother is my Scott lineage. We have no idea where or who his family was or is.  What are the odds of that happening?

 I could do this many times Nina S is my Huffman cousin yet she and her husband were dear friends of mine via their teaching profession.
Shirley Becker was friend before we found our common ancestor. I could list three more in our society that are linking distant kin.


 I would sure love to know if you do.

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