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Jamboree Ramblings 2012

I did a technical report on my blog.,Ancestor Seekers by the Root Bound: Jamboree Tidbits to Share.

Now I will share  the events as they happened to me. Virginia's daughter took us to the train. We met SDGS other members and boarded train and headed north picked up Gwen and Marilyn in Oceanside area? somewhere up there. It may have been Carlsbad. Was busy chatting with new found cousin from over by Yuma, Ca.  She is a Duvall cousin.  Later met another lady who was related me also, via the SNOW line.  Time was short to pack in all the exchanged data. At least remembering to get emails and phone numbers for future contact.

Checked into hotel, ate lunch after doing volunteer work for SCGS. Met two other Bloggers and
shared more news.  Went to Janet Hovarka's first talk with son Adam. Hoping to learn more about getting youngsters involved in genealogy. It was interesting and would have loved to share with her what was learned on this end about teens. One comment was shared which brought a lot more interaction it was a interactive chat.

The rest of day went quick, I found Maureen Taylor and got data for her. Seen Lisa Cooke and shared a nice chat. Said Hi to the Meitzler's clan, and others I met along the way.  Went to the NEHGS booth for advise and replace my pin that was stolen. Talked to Fold 3, Geni-Wise, Roots Magic, met Bruce ' wife. Say Daniel H and chatted about the new way My Heritage is working.
We ate dinner in the hotel due to everyone's fatigue. It was like everyone else was there too we had a 30+ minute wait.  Then we watched the hotel personnel do what they said they did not do.  Hotel this time was a new experience. We had a awesome room, but with 4 people you would think the maids would leave four sets of towels, No only two, after complaining they left a set of 3, late in day, then I went to the desk and asked what was wrong with 4. 4 people four sets of towels. When dinner over we actually then had 7 sets of towels in room. Ironic ,we asked for refrigerator and by getting into our room around 9 pm we did not learn until the next morning we had a refrigerator. The room was nice, clean and maintained appropriately, the maid service regarding towels was very irritating. We left a hand written note, not sure they could read it because they sure did not leave four sets of towels which they should have when note was left before they serviced the room. O yes, only two cups to use for tea or coffee also.  That was reason I bought coffee down stairs. Alas that was an error.

I went down to sign in for Volunteer in Joshua's talk and found Mary very upset with her bag missing.
The desk missed her plight and I went back to share with them the dire need for finding it. Somehow they thought it was just a bag not her purse, etc.  Alas, as I was  talking to Louise I spilt my coffee all over the counter. I wore that smell all day a la Coffee', I helped clean up the mess and got them extra towels in case it may happen again by anyone. After locating Mary's purse, I got to the Tent for the Joshua's talk and took over passing out flyers.  After his talk I did door duty because next person was late and this upcoming talk was going to be more than sold out. I had to stop them from coming in before Joshua was done with his presentation.  15 minutes into getting them seated someone hands me a bag found near the door on the bushes.  I asked the Volunteer to ask the speaker to announce it was found, was anyone missing one.
As I got  water for those in wheel chairs and walkers, when the water was refilled. I had a man claim his bag. Wooot woot, two down and two found.  Yes we found Mary's bag and purse or I would not have been in the tent. We had to tell people to scoot over to not save seats and talk was late starting due to the large crowd whom attended and Joshua answering questions from his talk.  I basically heard about two thirds of the talk by the time I left.  It was easier to bring drinks to people than have them get up, water had run out during Joshua's talk. My old waitress skills still work.

So I was also able to meet John Bacus and at least know him by sight. Informative talk.

After a hotdog in the center pavilion, I attended the Blogger Summit. Sure missed Maven and Dear Myrtle and others.  Met new faces, but the interaction of times past was not there. Randy sat in the same session and was a participant in the previous session.  Most all of the questions were geared to the panel. I would have loved to see more geared to the guests and I heard that comment around me.
The comments were informative and helpful for us t o get to know those people.

Then attended Michael John Neill's  Virginia Case Study as a Volunteer.  phew or I would  probably not been able to get in. I was chatting with Jana B and no one in room suddenly, I was late. OOPS.
It was a great case study of so many families in Virginia.  Fortunately we were right out side the room.

I then went to the last of Joshua T's talk on printed genealogies that are not proven yet have been accepted for years. Case Study he used was the TROWBRIDGE data,  it seems we both have the same problem when sourcing out a line.

Then next door to Barry Ewell's talk on How to Find Genealogy Answers You want to Know.
I started following his blog about four months ago.  O yes I also follow some of  Michael John Neill's

At the end of the day learned we had retrieved 3 sets of purses and returned them all. Genealogists are so great.

Sunday was check out, pick up the Roots Magic books, finish packing SDGS books, attend as Volunteer so I could hear Leland M talk on his prospective of Germanic Research as an Editor.
I love to hear different prospectives.  Volunteering pays off again it was a filled capacity event.
Leland it was a great talk.

So wanted to catch Jana's talk on Digging the Dirt, but will order it. We had a great chat. She lives only ten miles from my cousin in Ohio.  I went back and said goodbye's to  many acquaintances and friends.
Verified my data to Fold 3, renewed membership. Forgot to renew at World Vital Records, when I was hoping to get a picture with Matt Olson of same. We chatted about a Reunion for the Longest Hang Out crew. Other things happened and I forgot to do it.  Made sure Ken had my groups books and headed to the train.

Great train ride home, love riding the train.  Alas they said it would cost me  $ 441.00 to Michigan, one way.

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