Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorting Family Pictures Day JONES/HOFFMAN

The day started different than planned. Gee, what day goes as planned, is  more the statement to make.
The weather is great and the Fair is calling for the Rabbit Judging. It sounded like there were less rabbits there than down on the farm in Michigan.
 So to start on my days of digging and sorting and compiling information so the boxes go away,
 I sorted photo's that have been here since this time last year.
 Being blessed with brother going through them with me last year it helped to give to other members
 photos they may want in their collections.

  Having collected data and photos on some family names I will mention here in, if you want a copy
 contact me. Since the major players are from my parents families, the pictures reflect the same.

  Names in the photos will reflect: JONES, FOULK, HOFFMAN, FEIL, COLLINS, COOPER,

 If you are interested in what I find let me know and I will see what I can scan and send you.

 I am going to need a DuVall reunion again to label the DuVall's in Mom's pictures.

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