Friday, June 1, 2012

Writing the History, Remove the Mystery.

As we  venture into writing our families stories  Having finally come up with a better plan to complete the message, it is being posted here.

Having written four stories and completed only one, suspect self needs to zero in on the way of the situation.

After much thought I went back to English 101.

 Random writing comes easy to  me but it does not always complete the task at hand. Also when does one stop and say enough?

 So having devised this new scheme I am going to venture out and and see if it is not the missing link I did not have.

1. Pick the topic, place or person
2. Pick the timeline
3. Make sure you have the knowledge of the event needed. Outline
4. For a person put the flesh on the bones, for a place do the same as giving the place flowers and trees, and community
5.  Choose how  many chapters you hope to achieve.
6.  Your knowledge should help you choose the length of topic to discuss. 7 chapters or 20.
7.  Timeline if long gives more chapters to do, hoping you have the information to do the fill in.
8.  Write it, set it aside, read it, adjust it if it does not say what you meant.
9.   Read it again, adjust if necessary.
10. Choose pictures to go with the words.
11.  Have someone proof read it for what you over looked.
12.  Do not be afraid for I suspect this will work.

Suggestions would be to try a ten year period in someone's life.
Preferably some one you have much information on.
It could be from Graduation to Second Child, or Jr High to College.
It could refer to marriage and your moves in early years.
Grandad and his loving walks around the Corn Fields, telling stories. That is truly one of my favorites.

I never liked Outlines very much because my brain kept telling more than what the Outline covered.
There by I have not finished but one booklet.

Have you done this and does it work?

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