Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why I Blog, it may help you in your Research.

Why I am Blogging? Because it may help you in your Research.

I am blogging to share the data I have learned with fellow researchers and with fellow relatives, whether close or distant.

Wanting to share stories, pictures and information of our common ancestors, I thought the blog was one of the best ways to reach everyone.  Ironically, many kin may read the information and never share back what they also have to make the blank spaces more filled in. Boo, hoo, hoo.

I would love to see pictures of more of my Great Uncles and Aunt’s families. I would love to hear more stories of what these people did.  It helps me to understand why my Grandparents had the situations they did and why the outcome was the way it was.

Having been blessed with some of the family reaching out to meet me whether it is by: email, snail mail, phone, books, letters, cards, pictures, etc. I have learned much more than what I knew when Dad passed away mid 1990’s.

O yes, I have data on line at various places.  Is it sourced? No, why,  a very big reason for that. Yes, it is sourced but not shown on line.. Many years ago, I made the mistake of sharing 15 years of research with a new distant cousin.  What did she do with it, she submitted it to Banner Blue as hers.  It was so obvious did she not think I could tell my own work.  I guess not, my cousin (near me) and I had many hours of crying, laughing and being embarrassed by the data that was put on line. It was a work in progress, the distant cousin new this but never said a word. She chose the wrong ancestor for the beginning of the lineage. Having it narrowed down to one of five H. H’s she chose the wrong one.  Did she say this was a work in progress and not completely resolved, NO.   Many other cousins had this work and had labeled it, as a work in sharing process. 

If you want the sources ask me, if it is handy you can have it. Some now are on the older computer that has not been cleaned of the files. Soon I hope.  Computer smart I am not. I gather I know enough to just be dangerous.  I need to reconnect it and gather 20 years of research off of this computers system.  Some information was printed and sent to immediate family, so some has been preserved on paper. 

And our web page was originally sourced at least 3 ways when we had it put up.
The sources got moved to the second follow up web when the pages were to many.
Some data since added by kin, does not show sources but you can contact them for more information.

If sourcing had been a mandatory when I was a teen I would have asked Grandparents for more written in hand information.  Would it have helped, probably not since the government lost many letters, cards, pictures and documents when we moved from Coronado, CA to Hawaii.   This was the spring of 1967 when we went to Ewa Beach, HI. for military transfer and duty.

Mother passed 2 years ago January and it is time I get this data up and out for family to see and share with their family members.  

Keep reading and you will learn more as I am able to present it. If you are a distant kin and want to share to fill in the  bare spots please get in touch with me.

Over the years I have found my kin is pretty awesome people whether 1st cousins or 7th cousins, or farther apart.



  1. Hi Susi,
    I enjoyed reading this post and the account about sharing information. I had some of those experiences myself. Just last week I saw some shared information. Some, or all, of the "notes" were typed by me. I know because of the strange way I entered the text into PAF. So much time had gone by that I no longer remember the contact. That's just as well, since that way there's no one with whom to be angry.

    I've noticed on my own blogs and some that friends write that most of us seldom receive comments. That's why I try to remember to write a line or two. After all it's not much fun if we just write for ourselves.

  2. Dick, I thank you for the comments. I am hoping the note I sent you today will tell you of my new adventure that may be of value to you.
    I so worry about the preserving of the knowledge I have garnered. Thanks again.