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News Flash in from Thousand Oaks, Veteran Pensions

From: C J Sheldon <>
Date: January 14, 2013 11:42:27 AM PST
Subject: Re: NYONONDA Digest, Vol 8, Issue 5

Dear  LISTERS  with  VETERAN RECORDS / "LOST" in 1970's  very
damaging fire in the ST.Louis V.A.Storage: There IS something  YOU
can do and here is MY exzmple how one WW-1 Daughter accomplished this
so  that her Father's  destroyed WW-1  Record  was REBUILT, AND IS
is  that what I learned in a reply from my QUERY to the V.A., may
help others who are seeking these  'lost' records'  because there IS
a way for YOU to help the V.A. REBUILD your WW-1 or other burned
records for a veteran in your family.
               SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I wrote to the   St . Louis
Vereran.s Administration in St.Louis only to find that my father's
WW-1record was indeed in the "burn-section" and was missing: Also
since they could not match a missing name to a missing  I.D. Number,
that avenue would not work. {Soldiers DID have Serial ID Numbers in
WW-1. }
               Then, the Archivist wrote something like this:: "WE
would like to REBUILD a missing / :burned record for ANY veteran. DO
YOU HAVE ANYTHING  about this veteran which would  help us to do
this? If so, kindly send us COPIES and we will start to do the
REBUILD and will notify you when we finish as best we can."
                Here is my  LIST of what I happened to LOCATE in my
'stuff' about my Dad , COPIES of which I sent to the ARCHIVIST in
St .LOUIS. My dad's name was LLoyd Addison SMITH,b.1895 in Cortland,
Cortland County,New York State.

                   1-Birth Certificate
                   2-WW-1 -Draft Registration-This came from the
COUNTY CLERK's office in Cortland.
                   3-HIS other POSSIBLE  Address when he entered
the Army in 1917 was in Wilkes-Barre,PA. where his family last lived
in a family-unit with  his  Mother . At that time-frame,his father
worked  and lived in Buffalo,NY. ,the family was in a state of
collapse  and,since my Dad's  Draft-card was in Cortland
County,NYS.,it seemed likely that he entered from NYS.: However, I
had no Cortland Address to include.So, putting in information from 2
places  seemed the better choice.
                   4-  Two  partial--  pieces of correspondence
between my father and my mother [ who were NOT yet married nor
engaged ]. Both pieces of mail  had return-addresses from Washington
State where he was stationed near Vancouver. ***These addresses
proved to be VERY IMPORTANT in the "REBUILD"  because -both were from
the same place  in Washington ,but  had somewhat differing addresses
from each other in the following way:
                     ............The first was a Postcard with a
Temporary Battalion Address---a U.S.Army  Engineering Battalion.
                     ............The second was an envelope -
[ minus any contents ] - but with another address which became a
more or less permanent  U.S. Army Engineering Battalion Address for
the duration of World War-1..
                    5-Lastly ,in my previous Genealogical Searches
to find out what  was  my  father's Job assignment out in  this Army
Unit  in Washington State in WW-1--I  had come across a small book on
a Thrift Shop bookshelf titled.---- "How We Won the WAR----
[ Cautionary Tale for Genealogists: Do NOT overlook information
because ""It is Too Old or Whoever Heard of This  Book", so forget
about it.Take a very objective look. ]  This book from 1919 or so was
in near-perfect condition: I thought at first it must have been about
WW-2. The AUTHOR's surname was LLOYD.
                       Because my Dad was in a TEMPORARY army
battalion--not a permanent Army Post -which  would have had a
permanent address--I had not been able to locate  information
elsewhere  about his Unit...... BUT, in this  book, there was a
chapter which told how  the then-infant -U.S.ARMY AIR FORCE HAD
indeed contributed to the winning of the War . There was a different
chapter about how each section of the armed services -ARMY ,US NAVY,
the US Marines, and the then-fledgeling U.S.ARMY AIR CORPS ALL
contributed to the final victory and end of the War.
                       My Father had told us that he helped to make
the WW-1 Airplanes and his Engineering Unit was responsible for
cutting the spruce-trees from  which the wooden- wings were made . My
Dad was  a Private but he was very proud of his service in WW-1. He
died at age 39-40 when I was 8 years old. So,I never had a chance as
an adult  to ask what his exact-job-slot was in this Battalion. and
never did find out.
                       BUT, in this little book, there was enough
information about this logging-operation and its importance to the
ARMY Air Force contribution .This,plus the stated-location  helped
pin-point  the Washington State Eng.Battalion Location.
                       5-LASTLY.,then, I copied this entire
chapter--with title page,publication date,etc.  and sent it along
with  1,2,3,and 4.

               Now--THE  RESULTS::
1-YES--I did hear back from he Archivist in maybe 5-6 weeks and that
with what I had sent, they COULD REBUILD my Dad's Folder. His Service
Number was  then located ,and All I sent went into his folder.
2-Then the Archivist issued a signed 'parchment' stating his time of
honorable service,etc. and sent this to me with a MOST unusual DATING
of 2000!.
3-As I had also  requested any WW-1  Service Medals for which my
Dad was eligible--I received a re-issue of the Medals -2- he would
have been awarded.... These came later-from Philadelphia.

               So-you see-there IS something YOU can do to help
REBUILD  YOUR VETERAN/S SERVICE FOLDER lost in the disastrous 1970's
Fire in the VA in St Louis.
This includes MANY years from certain dates to and end-date. I want
to say around 1912 to 1960.s . Maybe a knowledgeable person on this
can contribute more  exact  year-span of the destroyed Data-years ?
Remember -Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines,and Army AIR FORCE recordw
are all involved.
            . My husband, an Air Force Sr/ M/ SGT. of 22 years,
retired in 1963. and I am not even sure that his records  survived.

              This is an investment in the future of Veteran-
History. I  encourage ANY Veteran's survivors to  look around in your
papers ,write the V.A. to see if there is anything left, or nothing
left on YOUR veteran, and then get busy.  Genealogists are ideally
suited for this kind of Project-Search and they / you all have big
hearts for tracing unfinished business. And wouldn't this be a
marvelous gift to the memories of all these fine Veterans? While we
still have some effects  and / memories  and  data left .let's do this.

Feel free to contact me with Questions.

                        Charlotte J.[SMITH] SHELDON.........born in
Cortland Co.,NYS :A  proud USAF wife of many years including the
Berlin Airlift and living in Goose Bay, Labrador  :Years as  a Public-
School Teacher , and  now  living in SO. California  and teaching
Research Methods for Genealogy once a month or more,

                                        Happy Researching to ALL.

Dear SUSAN,  Thank you for thinking of your 'suggested outreach'. It seems a good way to reach many others with this information and I am not a proficient computer-person. Yours, Charlotte J.Sheldon in Thousand Oaks,CA.

I am sure many of us can utilize this information. Thank you CJ.  Susi P.

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