Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

Seeing it is Thankful, Thrifty Thursday, sharing this information should help in one's research.

We had a Computer Genealogy Meeting yesterday led by Shirley Becker.  She is my computer mentor, and a distant Sweet kin. She is also a very dear friend.

We keep talking about places to get information without running up a huge bill and paying more fees.
She took " The Bull By the Horns" and talked about only this page, on the internet. Home Page

She discussed the many, many free pages of information that can be accessed from this site.

Having used this site since Brian L got it started and his messages boards before hand. I knew there was much there with out fees.  Because it was an ongoing project for Brian L he was not sure exactly when it went on line, in this format.  It was a work in progress for him and our community.

He came to our society, in the early stages and did a great presentation and I have been an avid user since.  When it required to many engines and more fees, Brian moved it to Ancestry's care.

When you click the link, be aware of where you click, if you want it to be a free search.
Read what your doing instead of just clicking the buttons.   There are books for free to read, worldgenweb project, websites, family trees, surname lists, place lists, index of search engines and databases, message boards, and then there are many archives on this site page.

The list goes on. Please take the time to scour through what is here and you may be amazed at what you can find. I always seem to find something new.

I am thankful for Brian Wolf Leverich for creating this source with Karen as his support and am glad that Shirley spoke to the Computer group about it for a thrifty way to locate data.

It even has free newsletters you can sign up for.

Yes, for goodness sake join some of the lists, either place or surname and maybe break a brick wall.
Read a book and find a clue. Just enjoy this free information that is so full of information.

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