Monday, January 21, 2013

Genealogy Program History written by Dick Eastman

Having clicked on a link that Dick supplied and he has written an interesting history on the development and usage of the first genealogy programs.  Having found it very interesting I thought I would share the link here.

But what I found more intriguing is the list of programs being presented for people to vote on which one they liked the best.

Granted I am not a computer geek or knowledged computer user. I am still so learning all this.

Every time I say that it sounds so funny.  Since I helped teach the first MacIntosh computers to students in the Junior High School way back in the 1970's.  O, how times have changed.

Yes, having used a PC and a Mac, I will tell you hands down I love my MAC. APPLE PRODUCT.
 Purchased the first one in 1980's for son in high school. Having gone on to buy bigger and more complicated ones with time.  Having even ventured up to an I PAD.  Now that is a interesting critter to play with.

So before I digress further, the reason I found the Poll List interesting is that there was a computer program left off that I think, outshines all the other programs.  Yes, each program has something special but for over all usage and documentation I think  if you have a PC you should definitely try it.
If you have a MAC, it has a companion that runs with it to make it work on your Mac.

The program not mentioned is one of many but it has been around awhile and after seeing it in use and playing with it, I am hoping you will all give it a second look.

Try Roots Magic by Bruce Buzbee.  I wonder where it would  place on that list.

Granted for Mac users, the Reunion program is great, I use it. Started with the PAF for Mac, then switched when LDS stopped supporting it.  Yes there are other Mac programs out there but if your new and getting started, do yourself a favor and enjoy the ease of use and ease of learning of a Roots Magic Program.

Dick thanks for a great article.
Early Genealogy Programs - The Humble Beginnings of Genealogy Software on the Computer

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