Friday, June 21, 2013

A Great Family Eatery Was Found, Road Trip for Dakota

A Great Family Eatery Was Found,  Road Trip for Dakota

My son and I ventured west to Plainwell, Michigan to pick up a beautiful rabbit for the
family's use.  He is beautiful fun and playful, Black and White splotched.  He will jump out of the
cage into your arms or shoulder if you let him.

On the way home we stopped in this very neat small town named Bellevue, Michigan.  We
stopped on the way west there and filled up with gas there going home.  We then asked a local where a good Eatery could be found.

Riverside Cafe, he said just across the river to your left.  That gentleman was so right. The homemade food was excellent, the atmosphere was homey and the people were friendly. Home made pies 7 varieties that day, no we did not try one.  But should have brought one home for dinner.  My meal was some of the best Liver and Onion's I have eaten in many years.  My son's food was ever bit as good.

He say's MOM for L and O it doesn't stink.  I then remembered he was not a fan of my meal. But it did not make him ill smelling it so he said it really must be good.  The menu was so down home and not to expensive but worth what we got.  I would say there prices are equal their food.  Choices like Meat Loaf and Gravy,  Steak and Eggs or Steak Dinner with Veggies and Potatoes, Home made Mac and Cheese, (would love to try that one sometime), Roast Beef with Mashed and Gravy, and the list goes on.

Here is a picture of the inside of the Cafe, so much picture memorabilia & family pictures hanging around. History of some Baseball person on the wall if I recall.

Riverside Cafe
410 W Capital Ave. Bellevue, Michigan 49021.

The river you could hear rushing down the way and I took a picture of the white caps the water was generating as it flowed so swiftly away.

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