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Happy Birthday Mom. Dorothy Inez Hoffman Jones, R.I.P.

Putting together a collage of pictures in memory of Mom.

Born 29 June 1920, Little Bear, Wyo near Wheatland.
Parents Cecil Leroy (Lee) Hoffman and Inez Mae Scott

Older siblings were Cecil Mae, Vera Marie, Donald Leroy, William Richard and then Mom.
Later came Ruth Irene and Marion Raymond.

Dorothy (Mom) was a Mtdna T1.  Now that is new for posting. Will have further tests done soon.

Her Mother was: SCOTT in Iowa , WARDEN in Iowa,  LANGDON in Ohio, BRAMMER in VA ,  LEE in VA, WARD in VA 1750-1809.  All lines came from VA but the WARDEN from Pennsylvania.

She married Ray Dee Jones 3 September 1938 in Wheatland, Wyo. I saw  it in register, then, we could not take pictures, her brother Uncle Dick, was with Dad and I.

They lived in Wheatland and he worked for Morris Thomas and she was an assistant in the house preparing meals for the cowhands.  He was hired away to the Diamond Tail Ranch in Greybull, Wyoming, where later I was born.

We lived there for 2 1/2 years of my life before we moved to California. It was close to 3 years.

 Mom's health was precarious due to crippling Arthritis diagnosis by Dr. .  Dad was offered a job on his sister's ranch in California and the Doctor thought it would help Mom. We arrived in Petaluma, CA and Dad worked on OLLIMAC DAIRY for his brother in law Comillo Morelli.  The war was raging and Uncle had trouble getting milk hands due to draft.  Dad was color blind and if another draft had been called he would have gone but the War ended.

The move to California helped her health tremendously.  She was walking better when she died than when she moved to California.

My sister was born while we lived here before our move down the road to larger  home and Uncle needing space for his old employees to come back to work. Dad then worked for the Moretti's.
Mom helped the Mrs, candle eggs and Dad did Diary work again.

Later my brother Jr was born, he and Mom were both ill so I was learning to make pancakes and do toast and other chores in the home.  Dad helped and during the week had a high schooler come in to help in the early mornings to get me off to school and siblings cared for.

After forging a close bond with all these neighbors, yes they were like family since ours was basically in Wyoming, Mom and Dad looked for their own home.  Many of us still communicate today even though the older generations are gone.  We moved 20 + miles away near the coast of Bodega Bay.
Mother loved that the ocean cooled the land in the evenings and fog would quiet the sounds.
She never liked town or city living, though she tolerated it when she had to quite well at times. She loved to hear the buoy in the bay.

My youngest brother was born while we lived here.  Again she was very ill and Dr's did not expect her to live.  By then I was cooking, cleaning, sewing and doing major farm chores. Mom started me with genealogy at this time while she was a bed. 12 Years between baby and I.

I was in 4-H and active in school activities, as were my siblings.

After marriage, moving around several times and children growing, our children went back to spend summers with their Grandparents.

They visited us in LeMoore Naval Air Station, San Diego's various bases and came to Hawaii to see us.Then we were stationed back in San Diego until retirement, which put us close to Dad's brother who was US Navy and about to retire. ( another story)

Mom died 10 Jan 2011 in Valley Ford, California the home of her choice a hundred times over.
We were blessed with her living with us for several months after our 50th Anniversary. So Great Grandchildren were able to also get to know her better.

Will continue story tomorrow and will post some later year  pictures now and early year pictures tomorrow.

 Our Anniversary my siblings minus Dale.

 Fred, Sis and Mom
 Jennifer, Anne and their Aunt at Applebee's. Petaluma, CA She loved to eat here. Just out of hospital.
 Our children with Mom and us.
 My Niece's Family& Nephew's daughter. Mom's home
 Zachary with his Great Grandmother in our home.
 Our youngest with Mom at her home.
Niece and Mom while we were at lunch.

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