Monday, June 10, 2013

Jamboree Burbank CA 2013

Such fun was had by all and the sharing was phenomenal.

Joined the California Genealogical Society.

Having attended at least two sessions each morning or afternoon, meet and greeting old friends and acquaintances.

My Heritage solved my problems on line and renewed for family to use on line. Interesting now they are joined.  Not sure if I will retain both for self yet. To soon to tell for that. Daniel H. thanks so much for the rescue.

Alas, Ancestry was so swamped on Sunday we never resolved my problem even though I went early in the morning. They had a super busy day Sunday.  Will try on phone again if possible. Never seen their booth so busy as Sunday.  I gave up at 2 pm. Was due to catch train home a wee later.

I am posting the events I attended over on my working blog for Researchers. I have yet to post Sunday, gee it is only Monday.

Worked the SDGS booth with Diane Lott and Ken Robinson and Virginia Taylor at different hours of the three days.  Looked like we moved a lot of books. Of course I had to acquire some also.

Here is Virginia and Diane at the booth.

And here is the group at dinner.

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