Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Michigan Sadness, Their Loss of their Trees Seen by Susi Jones Pentico

Michigan Sadness,  Tree Loss

My family became Michigan Residents a few years back.  My what a beautiful State.

First exposure was February 8 or 9 years ago, for 4 months, while family was experiencing a
medical situation within the family.

Yes, it snowed the day after I arrived. What a thrill for me.

Trees at this time are asleep regenerating in their roots for a new spring that is coming up.
So they are quiet and asleep.

Having flown back many times since, and learning the new job my family is involved with was fascinating and heart breaking.  I am a tree lover.  Trees do so much for our living here safely.

Ever hear of the Emerald Ash Borer?  It has decimated the Ash Trees beyond belief. It has affected many states beside Michigan. It has spread down to the Tennessee border and west to Virginia over to Iowa and Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana etc.   

Signs were put up stating " DO NOT TRANSPORT FIRE WOOD".  People did not heed so it spread from Canada and Michigan and the upper states down to now the middle west.  

As I fly across the country and see more and more tree loss it breaks my heart. 

Because many read my blog it is my hope that people will stop transporting the firewood from one area to another and spreading this bug.

Where lush trees stands stood and deer and nature could hide from man, it is gone.

Here is some of what I took this trip.

Some are near the road some are falling on the roads and crews have to watch to remove them.
The upper picture was a thick are of various trees where many animals were hidden from man.
Now you see few animals because there is no coverage.

I am pleased to have a family member involved in attempting to slow down and maybe some day
stop this devastation.  Where it was once a couple of states it now covers way to many.

It picks old trees and young ones. 

It reminds me of the Beetle we have destroying our Oaks in California.  So mid westers  pay heed please.  

We have other trees about wiped out such as the Chestnut Tree.   

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