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Mapping the Huffman/Hoffman lineage, John to myself.

Aha, you say, someone's finally getting around to doing Mom's side of the family for mapping on line for others to see.
Thanks to George Schweitzer Ph.D. Sc. D, he taught us to take a map and put pins in it and run string from spot to spot to see the approximate routes family took migrating around this country early.  Also find where family may have been buried as they moved around and lost kin.  I loved how George would dress in period costume, speak in the tongue of the time, with brogue that was appropriate, making the talk very in depth and moving.

The lineage of our line is pretty simple, the finding of massive sources is another matter.  Having spoken to enough descendants to feel very confident in the knowledge we have amassed, wishing they would all get together in a Hangout and line this information up in a row.

A cousin in Bay City, Michigan has much on the John to John to John line which was hers, We are John to John to Henry to Henry to Sanford to Franklin C. to Cecil L. to Dorothy to myself. Yes, I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  So three more generations can be claimed. My Hoffman cousins have the same some have four generations beyond ourselves.  The other boy we are sure of was George, and his line is well done. Benjamin and Rudolph link in genetically, but we need more data to say it strongly.  The girls Margaret, Catherine and others are probably not as well covered.

This map will show my families lines and in time I hope to show some of the others.  Finding that cousins lived near cousins of each line for near on to 100 plus years and longer.

Needing to find the copy of letter from John to kin, found in  trunk in Ohio, from Mason Huffman, to verify if the start was Virginia, which much implies it was.
John Hoffman(Huffman about 1687) believe he was born in Germany, no proof yet solid. Lloyd may have.
John Hoffman?Huffman, b abt 1715 Maryland, on tax receipt for Greene Co. PA from Maryland, in my possession as father of Henry Huffman and other proof in Zenia Gilbert's files. He dies in Virginia according to Lloyd Roupe.

Henry brother to John and George, mentioned in Land Record for Greene Co. PA old Washington Co. PA. He dies in Greene Co. PA winter of 1811/12.  He is probated January 1812.  Death date so far not found. Court Records for him regarding early marriage that did not last and land in dispute. He marries Catrouche Fry  in Berkeley VA area after the parting of ways from Mary Prather(Provator).  Most of the old line say Catrouche/Catherine was of Indian heritage and they jumped the broom  in Virginia and started family there before coming back to Pennsylvania. Catherine is name on most records.  Children were born in both Virginia and Pennsylvania after 1800.
Henry served in VA, MD and PA for service. He was a Ranger in Washington Co. PA. Have records.
Strong feeling by many that his first marriage was in Virginia prior to moving to then Washington Co. , PA and living with his sister and her family and marrying Provator(Prather).  No idea if children or not but there are some comments that tend make us think he had earlier marriage before going north to today's Pennsylvania.  Trying to keep an open mind to any possibles, many Indian wars and he could have lost an entire family as many did.  Also more than Indians fought with the early settlers, some settlers fought with other settlers also.

Having located a land records that states the linkage between the boys, John, George and Henry was a major relief.  I am sure this was found my Bay City cousin also.

Hoping some day in Maryland to find more information.

Catherine/Catrouche Fry/e  is the daughter of Abraham Fry she was born in Virginia, she had many siblings. She appears to have married ?? Frederick Loughman after the death of Henry in 1812 Probate.
The marriage was after 1818. Looking for more information on this. She disappears after about 1845.
Need more work on her though Lloyd Roupe has done a great deal of research.  Thank You Lloyd for sharing.  Many cousins have shared data over the last 35 years on this family. ThankYou to all, living and deceased for sharing. Mildred Russell was great as was her sisters and a brother I met.

Known children of Henry and Catherine are:
Nancy b 1793  Va m to David Stewart later moved to Ohio,
Phillip  b 1794  Va m to Lettitcia Stewart  also moved to Ohio,
 Jacob b 1797  (possibly MD) no further proven data,  also thought to have moved to Ohio.
Joseph b 5 Jun 1801-12 Dec 1864 Greene Co. Pa m to Sarah Hunt, data on our web page (Helen's)
Henry  b 29 Oct 1803 Greene Co. PA m 9 April 1826 Greene Co. PA to Elizabeth Higgins dau of  Joseph Higgins and Mary (Henderson.) partially proven  marriage date is proven. death was 15 Sept  1879, Aleppo, Greene Co. PA buried in Aleppo Cemetery. Have pictures. I have been there.
Reason Huffman m Mary Jewell. Have tombstone pictures and need more family information.

It is believed there are at least two more girls if not three. Not enough proof yet, can you help?

Sanford was my Great Great Grandfather and he moved  to IOWA after the Civil War with his wife and family. His brother Hague was there and then his sister Phebe Huffman Neal moved with her husband to have medical help from brother Hague (M.D.)  Other Huffman and Hoffman members moved in near and in Illinois.  Sanford's niece went to Nebraska after her Mom's death.

Sanford's children and families moved to Nebraska, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and points west. Some of his siblings, children did the same.

I did not use pink  for  color code. Gold means I have been there or data has come from those states.
Blue means much data has come from those states by cousins or I have been there for research.
Green means family in those states and have shared data and or I have been there and done research.

Cecil was Frank's baby son and he moved to Wyoming due to health.  Frank was the son of Sanford.
Cecil was my Grandfather.  Many of Frank's siblings moved to WYO and Nebraska. Two died young in Iowa and one Jarvis Lee stayed in Iowa.  Great Grandpa Frank dies in Wyoming.

Web page: Our Family Histories  click on book and go to the Hoffman-Huffman Link Page.  And yes,  data is being updated.

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