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52 Weeks - HIGGINS, Richard and kin

Richard Higgins  born in England.  Married,  3 times if research I have done is correct.

Father was Robert Edward HIGGINS,  Mother Julia MEALS

Tenative ancestral line still working on more sources.

John Higgins b 1528  died County of Herfordshire, UK

John Higgins  
Bridstone, UK
County of Herefordshire, United Kingdom
Immediate Family:
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Scott David Hibbard on July 5, 2008
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wife was Elizabeth CLYNTON, father was 8th Baron Thomas Fiennes-Clinton of Marstoke

Richard had brothers:  Thomas and Jonathan Higgins

Richard was married to Mary Snow Yates,   Yes also to Lydia Chandler  1st wife. 
Dispute yet about 2nd wife's last name I found in papers after intense research she was Snow Yates. Still in debate.  She was a SNOW m a YATES then Richard HIGGINS.

His Children as I know so far are:
Jonathan, born  Plymouth in July 1637*
Benjamin Higgins Sr., born Plymouth  July 1740*
Mary Oliver, b  27 Sept 1652*
Eliakim Higgins, b  20 October 1654*
William  b 15 December 1654*
 Jediah Higgins **  b 5 March 1656.*
Zerah Higgins
Thomas Higgins
Lydia Higgins
Rebecca Higgins. 

*Records of Plymouth colony  Birth, Marriages and Deaths
Also stated was this ( John Yeates, the son of John Yeates, deceased, which said John Yeates, Jr is the son in law to the said Richard Higgens, was borne att Duxburrow the 15th of August 1650.

Jediah HIGGINS**  5 March 1655/6 Eastham, Mass  death 1715 New Jersey Somerset Co., N.J.
wife married May 12, 1684 Burlington, N. J.
Mary NEWBOLD  b 23 May 1661, Eckington County, York, England  d 1715  New Jersey
Will of Jedidiah(sic) HIGGINS  April 3, 1715 Somerset, East Jersey. 

Data taken from Richard HIGGINS and His Descendants of Plymouth Eastham and Piscataway.
There is much more

Jediah Higgins
Birth Date:1656
Age at Death:59
Death Date:1715
Burial Place:Kingston, Middlesex County, New Jersey, USA

here in above she is referred to as Yates.  It was this link that lead me to SNOW.

The second wife was Lydia Snow Yates.  

Jediah HIGGINS   b  11 April 1691 d 19 Jan 1772 New Jersey
wife Hannah STOUT b 29 Mar 1694 New Jersey, 14 July 1779 New Jersey

I have a shingle off the STOUT house in NJ.

James H HIGGINS,   wife Sarah Stout

son Joseph HIGGINS

b 15 Oct 1773    died 7 Jan 1840 West Virginia
married Mary Henderson

daughter Elizabeth HIGGINS b 16 May 1809, Greene Co. PA death 3 Feb 1877 Aleppo, Greene Co. Pa  married 9 April 1826 Greene Co. PA.  Henry Huffman later changed to HOFFMAN.

Much on older computer and reverifying data now from 1970 to 1990 work.  Very large large family.

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