Monday, February 17, 2014

What I Miss Sometimes, Home

Looking Back, There are many things I  miss, some things more than others.  Being born in the  rural part of the country and raised there, missing the country.  This picture sums up a great deal of what I miss.

Looking out the window and seeing wild animals. Looking out the window and seeing trees sway in the breeze, the grass growing tall, is some of what I miss.

This post is a bit of thinking of the past.  

So much has been swept away with time.  People, places and things.

Missing people the most, places second and the things remind me of them.  

Remembering the morning, snapping this picture and watching until she got close enough to get a good view I miss.   Mom, Dad and I loved nature.

People are writing of different things to remember in their life for passing on the the next generation,

My fear is our children will not know the world as we lived in it.  They will not appreciate the things of nature as they should.  The different seasons and the reasons for them, as they affect our lives.

Has every child tried to grow something at least a couple of times?  Do they really know where their food comes from besides a grocery store.  Mine came out of the earth and off the land. We grew it, we cultivated it and we processed it.

There is little that is, more beautiful than a colorful flower or shiny leaf that is helping nature keeping us alive.  Hoping you can enjoy this picture as  much as I  do.

A wild California peach in foreground, a winter pear in the background and nature at it's best.

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