Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mission Impossible, ??? I Doubt It., 6 Answers

Randy Seaver said theme set to Mission Impossible Music.  Well, computer was down so now I can reply.
Not impossible to make these answers.

1.   6 weeks old in hospital for major kidney infection, was born premature by 6 weeks.
    ( Kidneys have been talking to me ever since.)

      Do I remember it no, Nor do I remember second hospital stay at 6 months at Denver Children's Hospital.  Radiation Treatment on my chin.  ( It also has talked to me ever since, thankfully)

2.   First Funeral I recall being allowed to attend was 2nd grade class mate that drowned in Bodega Bay, in the same area I also played in often. I remember the entire class cried, we all attended her funeral.  We often went clamming in that area. St. Vincent's Student.

3.    I had so many books I am not sure,  I know it had many poems and ditty's we get asked at baby showers.  Items like: Jack and Jill; Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater; Humpty Dumpty; Old King Cole;
etc. Maybe it was Mother Goose Book.  My younger siblings all learned that book also. As a Teen Zane Grey.

4.   It was not Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, grade, maybe 4th grade otherwise it was 8th grade.
      4th Grade had a great teacher and good classmates in our  1st through 4th grade room.   AmericanValley School. Left this school in 6th grade to go to Petaluma.  (Story here.)

       8th Grade I was at St. Vincent's in Petaluma, great Sister and Father Kiely was the head director.
5.    Favorite Toy was the Doll my parents gave me for Xmas in Kindergarden. Aunt made her clothes and a wardrobe for the clothes. Otherwise it was books & puzzles.
Now my Dad made me a table to do my drawing and reading and work on when I was about 4 years old and that was my favorite thing over all.  My brother called to say he found it and I am going to get it back.  It will probably go to a grandchild for their children.  Seems family lost track of it over the years.

6.    Swimming was taught at 4-H Camp.  Learned I could not float. I retook lessons at NAS Lemore, in their big Olympic training pool.  I liked swimming, not hep on diving.

7.      Having attended Kenilworth Elementary for 1st grade and moved to St. Vincent's for 2nd. We then moved away so I went to school over our front yard fence at American Valley School. Until a bad teacher put community up in arms.  Then back to town to St. Vincent's. Then I was allowed to come back for Jr. and Sr. year and graduate with my American Valley School classmates at Tomales High School 1958.

Yes, I am a Tomales Brave and so Proud to be one.

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