Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Hoffman with a Sense of Humor

Amazed today that he asked this question. Did he have an ancestor with a sense of humor?
I only had to think a few minutes as to determine whom should be the culprit.

My Grandfather Cecil  Hoffman, called Dutch by some and Lee by others used to share stories with Richard, Hartley and I. We were the oldest at the time and after we walked the fields and he shared things about the crops, (generally corn) he would set me up on the hay baler and Hartley and Rich also.
Rich normally climbed up on his own.  As I got older I did the same.
This Hay Baler Ritual happened every time we would go to Wyoming.  He would tell us family stories because we were the oldest and he wanted us to remember them.

I had two questions for Rich, alas he passed before I got to ask him to confirm or deny a couple of stories.

One that we all knew was real for sure was about Grandad's marriage to Grandma Inez Mae Scott.

He knew she despised Indians, so he told his Dad (the funny man) to please not mention the Indian heritage until he had been married awhile.  His Dad grinned and never said a word.  They went to the ceremony for the  marriage.  According to Grandfather this is what happened.  His words:

As soon as we said, "I DO", the minister told us I could kiss the bride.  I did and then my Dad stepped up and gave my bride a hug and gentle kiss on the cheek welcoming her to the family.  Then my Dad gave me a fright by doing this.  He re-hugged Grandma and said, " Hows it feel being married to an Indian?"
 Well as Grandad feared she went ballistic, but Great Grandad held her and held her and held her until she stopped beating on his chest. He did not let go, He looked down at her 4'9 frame and said, "now nothing has changed since you said, I do. He is still the same man you fell in love with. You do still love him right?"  She got upset all over again but he held on. Then he said, "You do still love him right.?"
She stopped looked up at him and said, "Yes, but I hate Indians." Great Grandad was over 6"2.

Grandad said he thought he was going to have the shortest marriage in history when his father opened his mouth and said what he did.  So yes, Great Grandad Frank Hoffman loved to do funny things like that.  Grandad told us many more stories of his father, whom he loved very much.

Great Grandad Frank Hoffman died in June before I was born in July. How I would have loved to have shared time with him.

Grandma and Grandpa lived together until her death Nov 1961 and he passed the following fall October 1962.   I have to ask my Uncle for Marriage information it is not on my Reunion program.
Their first child was born in 1913 in Iowa where they both grew up. They were married there also
prior to any children.

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