Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stout, Higgins, and van Princis

Penelope Stout (van Princis), The Mother of Middletown

Susi Pentico 
your mother
Cecil Hoffman
her father
Sanford Hoffman
his father
Joseph Higgins
her father
James Higgins
his father
Hannah Higgins
his mother
Jonathan Stout
her father
 Penelope (van Princis) Stout Penelope emigrated in 1644 from Amsterdam, Netherlands to New Netherland.
Not sure why has an error in some of  this linkage of family. Richard Higgin's wife maiden name of our line.  Or maybe paperwork not showing latest findings on a couple of marriages. sp

Shipwrecked on the New Jersey shore, all from ship murdered by Indians, she critically wounded (partially disemboweled), hid in a hollow tree; was taken by an Indian to camp and nursed back to health. He then took her across the bay to New Amsterdam and demanded a ransom for Penelope. ------------------------

Jonathan Stout's father was Richard E Stout Sr. and  Penelope van Princis Stout,   his father was John Stout. 

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