Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Teague Jones Cousins Near and Far

Hi Jones Cousins,

This is an open letter to you all.  I recently was contacted by another JONES cousin and they have extended the JONES line a wee bit with some interesting information.

It is his hope that we all can collaborate on filling in more blanks.

He is of Silas and Susannah Sweet JONES line but he has more data on other children of those ancestors.
He also has some interesting information on the first three children of Silas and Susannah Sweet Jones.

If you will contact me I will send you his email and then you can share in the tree he has also.

He sent me a page out of the Rhode Island Court Records on the registration of Silas and Susannah's children and the dates. It is like a photo copy.

Shared also with me other documents I am sure you will love to see.

Also shared the lineage of Teague's wife with me.  It is the same as what  I have so that  is good.

His line goes off on Silas Jr.

Wish all the JONES  Family would share and I think we could plug a lot of  empty spaces, also solve some unusual questions.

 I  am also from Silas JONES Sr down to self.

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