Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sibling Saturday,,,, some of Pentico, & Jones

Somewhere in these files I have a picture of my siblings all together, think it wants to show itself today? No it does not want to.

Here is a picture of our children and their siblings.50th Wedding Anniversary for us.

 back row : Don Pentico, Candy Pentico Murillo, Alan Pentico, Fred Pentico and Ed Pentico
front row: myself Susi, Mom Jones and Billi Jo Marie

Here is a picture of my siblings taken at Memorial for my Mom Dorothy Jones

Younger brother M D (Dale) Jones, myself (Susi), Bertie or Bobbi, (Roberta G)Jones Wright Davis and Ray Dee Jones Jr.

You are all loved.

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  1. Awesome shots dear, family events are heart-warming and wonderful. Anyway, I want to hire a good location for vows for this anniversary of my parents. Can you please help me with one?