Wednesday, April 22, 2015

George Madison brother to Susan Madison Jones

Posting a note on Susan's brother George. Last name was Mattison/Madison or version there of.

On the 1870 census in Iowa, we find George 2 doors down from Noyes and Susan Madison Jones.

His wife's name is Hulda, his sons name is George H. - 1870 United States Federal Census

George is 37 wife Hulda 36 and son George H 10.

Many children of Noyes  Jones and Susan Madison Jones are also on this page.

Then this was found in Pownal, VT.  VT - Vermont, Vital Records, 1720-1908
regarding her birth and parents.

A distant kin potential then found George H in Connecticut I think about a year ago.
No reference to his parents.

I keep finding one time only census records on these lines.

Noyes Jones father appears once on census I can verify is him. He also wrote in Town Council book the birth of Noyes Jones.

It seems to be a habit with this group.

Would love to know more on this line of the family if anyone has more knowledge?

Thanks ahead of time.

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