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Mary Burgess of Virginia Wife of John Brammer ?

Having spent some time scanning files and trees in Ancestry, I still can not locate records or files to my satisfaction. Having looked at files at LDS Library, it appears I have a ways to go.

My curiosity was peaked because I was back in Pittsylvania Co. Virginia, which was old Halifax Co. VA.  Where our Thomas Scott line dead ends at also.
Thomas Scott died in old Halifax Co. VA at the time it separated and his area became Pittsylvania Co.

 Scoured files on Burgess, Brammer and  Lee, plus other families of these same last names.  Some great sources for some of the names, others very shallow.
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General opinion by what I found is this.  Mary Burgess born 1725 Patrick Co., VA
died 1810 Patrick Co. VA  reunion program says she was 85. 

Many John Brammer's have to be careful, very careful.

John Brammer born 1720 Patrick Co. VA death 4 Dec 1814 Patrick Co. VA aged 94

I found one source that gave me some clues that was about it.

JOHN BRAMMER (1740-1813) in 1780 was granted 248 acres"lying in Henry County, formerly Pittsylvania", on White Oak Creek.
The land was located in the portion of Henry County which became
Patrick County in 1791. He may have been in the county some years
before 1769, the date of his first survey. It is believed that he had
brothers named James and George. His wife was Mary Burgess (1725-1810).
His sons included Burgess, Edmund and John Jr. John served in 
Capt. Owen Ruble's Co., Henry County Militia, Virginia in  the Revolutionary War.

Data I have collected on Mary Burgess's husband is as follows:

John Brammer
6 Nov 1759
Spotsylvania Co., VA
500 a. in Spts. Co.
This land record was originally published in "Virginia County Records - Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, Volume I" edited by William Armstrong Crozier.
Thomas Coleman of Spts. Co. and Sarah, his wife, to John Payn of sd. Co. 135 curr. 500 a. in Spts. Co. 3 Dec 1759.

This is ironic again because the reference runs back into the Payne's. Which is the odd end of my Scott line also.  

John and Mary had several children. My link is down from Edmund  and his wife,
Mary Ann Lee b 1770 Leesley Valley, VA d 1844 Windsor Twp. Lawrence Co., Oh.

Daughter Artaminta Brammer, b abt 1797 Virginia died Marshall, KS. 
Data found in files for family in my husbands side.   She mar 13 Mar 1823  
Marriage  Index books 1-3 H-M April 1817. July 1843 Lawrence Co. OH
Langdon, Joseph    Artametta Brammer pg 54

My ancestors.

Stumbo and Settles Lineages.  hubby's kin  sent by Carl Murdock  June 23, 08

Anyone with more clues to fill in the blanks?

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