Thursday, April 9, 2015

50 Year Service Pin, FRA 289

Last night my husband came home from his FRA 289 meeting in Imperial Beach, CA. with a quiet silly grin and said,"I received this award tonight."

He also received a Certificate, we will frame.  He has worked and been a member of this group for
50 + years now.  Presently serving on the Board of Directors.

He received this pin from the Ex National President of the Association. Also a member  for FRA 289.
His new card is Silver the old one was Bronze. He is looking forward to the Gold card in ten years.

Having always been pro military for education and knowledge and growth, he was blessed with one healthy child that served in the USNavy. Not that the others did not try to join because they all did.

The oldest got a Tiger Cruise and wanted to be a Pilot so bad.  The youngest one wanted the Coast Guard and again it did not happen. At these times standards were very high and they did not need bodies.

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