Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ruth Howard Duvall -- Will

The will of Ruth Howard Duvall was dated August 10, 1779, but it was not proved in Prince George's County until August 27, 1783.  Her eldest daughter Ruth Duvall Welsh and son, Zachariah, were named as executors. Personalty was bequeathed to her daughter, AnnDuvall, and the unnamed children of her daughter Elizabeth Harris.  Five shillings each were left to the following children:  Mareen, Joseph, Sarah, Cornelius, Priscilla, Alexander, Margarey, Ephraim, Lewis and Enos.
The final account was rendered by Ruth Welsh and Zachariah Duvall on February 6, 1786.  After five shillings were distributed to Elizabeth Harris' heirs, Mareen Howard Duvall, Joseph Duvall, Corneilius Duvall, Alexander Duvall, Margarey Duvall, Ephraim Duvall, Lewis Duvall, and Enos Duvall--the remainder of cash assests was divided between Ruth Welsh and Zachariah Duvall.  Ann Duvall received a bedstead.
At this time Priscilla Duvall Walker was living on the Pennsylvania frontier and may not have received her share. Priscilla is alive at this time as she signs a deed of sale in 1793. 

Source: Mareen Duvall of the Middle Plantation by Harry Wright Newman p. 213

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